The Pyraplex Complete Guide

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The pyraplex is a popular Kairosoft game. This is a guide to the power spots and combinations in the Pyraplex. The sequence is what I got in the game and I hope this helps your game play. If i find more power spots or hints and tips I will post these and

This is a guide to the power spots and combinations in the Pyraplex. The sequence is what I got in the game and I hope this helps your game play. If I find more power spots or hints and tips I will post these and I hope these tips will help in your gameplay and to obtain higher scores. Check back for more. If you have any questions or queries feel free to post below and finally, Have a nice day!

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Power Spot Shop Shop Shop Shop Effect
Plant spot Plum Tree Papyrus     Appeal +5
Oasis Spot Plum Tree Plum Tree     Appeal +3
Forest Spot Plum Tree Plum Tree Plum Tree   Appeal +5
Jungle spot Plum Tree Plum Tree Plum Tree Plum Tree Appeal +7
Mural Spot Mural Mural     Appeal +7
Bread Spot Mural Bakery     P. Power +5
Reading spot Plum Bookshop     P. Power +5
Paper Spot Papyrus Bookshop     Appeal +8
Hammer spot Hammer Shop Stone Yard     Appeal +8
Library Spot Bookshop Bookshop     Appeal +10
Arcane Spot Mouth of Truth Mural     P. Power +15
Poor Planning Hammer Shop Glass Workshop     Price +2G
Hot Spot Hammer Shop Glass Workshop     P. Power +10
Burger Spot Bakery Butcher Greengrocer   Appeal +20
Beef bowl spot Cafeteria Cattle Stable     Appeal +5
Stir Fry Spot Butcher Greengrocer     Appeal +7
Tender Spot Butcher Massage parlor     Appeal +10
Café Spot Bakery Tea House     Appeal +10
Laundry Spot Fountain Laundry     Appeal +8
Collaborative Spot Glass Workshop Dish Shop     Price +3G
Kiln Spot Glass Workshop Bakery     Appeal +8
Hieroglyphic Spot School Papyrus     P. Power +8
Study spot School Bookstore     P. Power +8
Serene Spot Massage parlor Fountain Plum Tree   Appeal +25
Commerce Spot Butcher Greengrocer Fishmonger   Price +5G
Tourism Spot Papyrus Camel Stable     Price +4G
School Lunch Spot Cafeteria School     Appeal +8
Travel Spot Camel Stable Cobbler     P. Power +12
Fun Spot Sandbox Fountain     Appeal +15
Sand Power Sandbox Camel Stable     Appeal +20
Lunch Spot Cafeteria Curry Shop     Price +3G
Beef Curry Spot Curry Shop Cattle Stable     Appeal +15
Meat spot Butcher Chicken Yard Cattle Stable   Appeal +24
Domestic Spot Laundry Weaver     Price +4G
Chicken Curry Spot Curry Shop Chicken Yard     Appeal +12
Livestock Spot Cattle Stable Chicken Yard Camel Stable   Appeal +23
Kids Spot Sandbox School     Appeal +20
Girls Spot General store Perfumery     P. Power +15
Soothing Spot Public Bath Tea House     Price +4G
Bathing Spot Public Bath Massage Parlor     Appeal +25
Turban spot Carpet Port Snake Charmer     Appeal +15
Mystical Spot Carpet Port Portal     P. Power +20
Handicraft Spot Weaver Glass Workshop     P. Power +10
Snack Spot Vineyard Tea House     Appeal +15
Outing spot Dish Shop Cobbler General Store   Price +6G
Dance Spot Cobbler Dance Hall     Appeal +20
Curry Spot Curry Shop Curry Shop Curry Shop   Price +5G
Leisure Spot Sandbox Public Bath Massage Parlor   Appeal +25
Dress Party Spot Weaver Dance Hall     Price +4G
Animal Spot Snake Charmer Sphinx Camel Stable   Price +5G
Celestial Spot Obelisk Sphinx     P. Power +30
Golden Spot Sphinx Public Bath     P. Power +25
Egypt Spot Mural Sphinx Obelisk   P. Power +25
Madam's Glow Perfumery Jeweler     Appeal +15
Celeb Spot Dance Hall Jeweler     Price +5G
QUALIFY Have a total of 3 amenities Unlocks Stamp Card, Request Menu and Service job
★ Have at least 150 visitors to your pyramid Unlocks Crafting job and Trade Menu
★★ Have at least 50 stamps Unlocks Portal
★★★ Have a total of 200 Diplomacy Unlocks Carpet Port
★★★★ Have a total of 1,800 P. Power Unlocks Harbor Construction
★★★★★ Receive a Gold Medal from the National Pyramid Association Unlocks Sphinx

Extra tips and hints: 

  • New requests arrive every month at the beginning of W4, depending on how many are currently in your list. Make sure to check them as they become available to see if any can be completed.
  • Always place items into your building whenever possible. There is no downside to this, as items can be removed and replaced at no cost.
  • Always place Capstones whenever you can. There's no build or removal cost associated with them, and they offer big increases to your overall P. Power.
  • Try to avoid building vertically on the left hand side of your pyramid, as it becomes harder later in the game to try and make it more angular for ranking purposes.
  • When trading with foreign countries, always try to trade the maximum number of goods with a compatibility of Great or Good in order to maximise the ♥ Points and Diplomacy obtained per trip.
  • Try to save the stat boosting management opportunities for when you've hired all the available staff, so that you maximise their use.
  • Vertically aligned facilities cannot be walked past, except at the base level, so think carefully about their placement, as they can result in some awkward movement patterns at upper levels.

Score calculation

The scoring part of the game ends in Y16 M4, with your score calculated as follows:

  • Final Money: / 20
  • Total Pyramid Appeal: x 5
  • Total Pyramid P.Power: x 5
  • Total Stamps: x 50
  • Total Country Relations: x 10
  • Total Country Heart Points: x 3
  • Highest Association Rank Score: x 100

The following items are carried over to the subsequent playthroughs:

  • A percentage (between 70 - 85%) of total staff stats at the end of the game (note, job levels do not carry over)
  • One of each Capstone (S, M and L) that were unlocked during the game
  • All entries in the Power Spot List
  • All item compatibilities with foreign countries