The Pug

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Information about the Pug. Learn about his temperment, exercise needs, possible health problems and his appearance and coat care.

Pugs are a delight, if you have a sense of humour. They are full of personality, can be demanding and bossy, burp, wheeze, snore and sneeze all over everything. They are comfort loving and if given the chance will commandeer the most comfortable chair in the house and hog the bed. They are not dogs that can be ignored.

Pugs are devoted dogs and love their people endlessly. They are adaptable and fit well into any environment be it in the city or country, house or apartment. They are definitely stubborn and like to get their own way and do need a solid pack leader that will not let them push them around. That being said, they are seldom a real problem and are a fine choice for someone who is new to dog ownership. Their biggest sin is their love of being spoiled maybe a bit too much.

They are cheerful dogs, lively and playful and far more robust than they appear. Most tend to be rather talkative, they bark, mumble and yip when excited. Pugs are good-natured dog that have a wonderful sense of humour and a real love for their family and home.

CHILDREN: Pugs are a good choice for families with children. However, children should be taught to be respectful and considerate, Pugs can snap if pushed too far.

OTHER ANIMALS: They are good with other animals, especially other Pugs. However, they can be a bit jealous.

EXERCISE: Owners should try getting them out for at least a couple of short walks daily or maybe a romp in the dog park with their friends. During the summer months, walks during the mid day heat should be avoided, early morning or evening outings are best. Pug owners might enjoy taking their dogs to conformation shows, obedience and agility trials and therapy work. Pugs are far sturdy that they look, most really enjoying camping, and hiking.

HEALTH: Sadly, the Pug is prone to many health problems. They are susceptible to keratitis, ulcers on the cornea, eye lacerations, eyeball prolapse, eyelid/eyelash abnormalities, respiratory difficulties and heat stroke, collapsed nostrils and heart problems. They are sensitive to both heat and cold and needs protection from both. Their skin folds need to be cleaned regularly to prevent eczema. Pugs love their food and are prone to obesity. Owners need to monitor what he eats carefully and be sure they get proper exercise. An obese Pug is prone to more health problems and may have a far shorter life span. Depending on the food they are fed, they can be gassy. Food that contains corn and wheat should be avoided. He usually lives about 12-15 years.

APPEARANCE/COAT CARE: Pugs are 10-11 inches tall and weigh between 14-22 pounds. Their short coat comes in apricot fawn, solid black or silver and needs only a quick brushing once a week. Their eyes and skin folds should be cleaned regularly. They are a constant shedder.

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Posted on Apr 30, 2010