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The Pros and Cons of Writing for Helium

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Helium is a good writing site where you can earn money while writing. It offers a lot of opportunities to writers.

Helium is one of the good writing sites online. This is a legitimate site and one of the best writing sites for making money and for having fun writing anything under the sun. Helium gives a lot of opportunities to writers whether you are a professional writer or a beginner writer. It is a writing site where there are plenty of opportunities for writers and where writers could ask the help of other writers for an improvement in the article that is rejected or has a low rating. 

There are of course the pros and cons when you are writing for Helium. Let’s start with the advantages of writing for Helium.

Helium is a legitimate site

Helium pays writers. All writers are paid accordingly. If you want money, write more articles. If you just want to have fun, fine too. The important things is that Helium is a legitimate site that accepts your work if you join the site.

Helium writers earn money in different ways

Helium offers a lot of opportunities to writers by providing different ways where writers could earn more money. The first is through the articles. There are categories where writers belong. If you are a 1-starred writer, each article of yours will be paid $0.50, for a 2-starred writer, each article is $1.00, if the writer has gained 3 stars, each article is $1.50, for a 4-starred writer, each article will be paid $2.00 and for a 5-starred writer, the article costs $2.50. If you are the first to write for a title, you will get a $1.00 bonus. You can also earn by rating writers. If you gained 5 rating stars, you will have a $3.00 bonus at the end of the month.

There are also contests that pay writers more money if they win. The prices could range from $25.00 to $150. The contests aren’t that hard. Even beginner writers could win in the contest and get paid with more money.

One of the best ways to earn in Helium is through the Marketplace. Marketplace offers good opportunities to good writers who could write magazine style articles. They pay from $20.00 to $200 depending on the type of article you write for. Don’t worry, your article stays in Helium and could still earn money.

Aside from all of these opportunities given to Helium writers, there is also the revenue payment, where you can earn from your articles monthly even without writing. If you have a good number of articles with the site, you can earn money for as long as your articles are being viewed.

Helium writers rate each other

The rating in Helium is the fun part because writers always want to compete with each other. Of course every writer wants to be better than the others so the tendency Is for the writer to strive hard to write good articles.

Writers can leap frog

Leap frog means that the writer could edit the published work and there is a chance for the writer to increase his rating.

How about the disadvantages of writing for Helium?

The rating is not reliable at all times

Sometimes writers do not read what they are rating. You can notice this when you read the articles and see how they are rated. There are times when you think what you have written deserves to be rated higher than your actual rating and there are times when you think your article is overrated. Either way, it is not very reliable.

Joining the contest is sometimes discouraging

Just when you thought you are winning the contest then suddenly your rating swoops down and your name will be removed from the list. You are wondering why you were number 1 on Monday morning then at night you will be shocked to find out that your name is nowhere to be found. When you check your article ratings they all swooped down to the bottom and you don’t know what happened. If you are weak hearted the worst you could do is stop writing.

Your article could be deleted anytime

You will never be sure when one or two or more articles of yours will get deleted. It could be very disheartening if you see your articles getting less and less because of the articles that are deleted. But you can solve this by writing good articles and making sure your article fits the title.

Gaining stars is difficult

It is easy to gain stars at first then as you gain more stars it becomes too hard to add one more. Sometimes you are just waiting for a few points to gain another star then your rating will drop and you will get really disappointed.

Helium has changed its policies and it only pays the first 5 writers who wrote to a title. The best thing to do then is to suggest a title then write to the title once it is approved.

Writing for Helium is fun and you could make money from it. Although there are some disadvantages, the advantages are enough to stick to the site and write. Helium is a good writing site. There is no doubt that writers could earn real money from this site if they really work hard.


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Posted on Aug 29, 2011
Kathleen Murphy
Posted on Aug 29, 2011

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