The Parts of Speech and Their Function in the Sentence

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There are 8 parts of speech and they have different functions in the sentence. Knowing proper grammar is very important in school, looking for a job and at work.

There are 8 parts of speech with different functions in a sentence. Parts of speech include nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections. Without these parts of speech a sentence cannot be formed or completed.

Nouns are name words that name a person, an animal, a thing, a place or an event. The noun in the sentence could either be singular or plural. It could also be common or proper, or could be mass or count. Nouns also have genders that tells about being a man, a woman, or both man or woman or a thing. Nouns are very important in sentences because they are the name words in the sentence.

Pronouns are substitutes for nouns. They are words that make writing better as they eliminate repetitive use of name words. The disadvantage of using pronouns is that the reader will be left to guess which is being talked about. Sometimes they have to go back to see who was being mentioned in the story. There is no clarity as to whom the writer is referring to if the name used is way far behind.

Verbs are action words or state of being. Verbs tell about things being done in the sentence. The writer must bear in mind that the verb must agree with the noun. The usual mistake of writers is forgetting the subject-verb agreement. Verbs must also follow the correct verb tenses as this tells when the action was done. It could be in the past, the present or in the future. There are rules in using the past tense of the verb. And writers must be very careful in using them. For example, if the word 'did' is used the verb to be used must be in the present form to avoid double past tense.

Adjectives are word modifiers that describe nouns or pronouns. Adjectives are picture words that describe the noun or pronoun. They are very important in that they give beauty to the written words. Poets use a lot of adjectives to add color and beauty to their written works.

Adverbs are also word modifiers that modify verbs, adjectives or another adverb. They are words that answer the questions when the action is done, where the action is done, how the action is done, and how often the action is done.

Prepositions are words used to relate a noun or pronoun to another word in the sentence. A prepositional phrase consists of a preposition, the object of the preposition and all the other words.

Conjunctions are word joiners. They connect words, phrases, clauses or sentences.

The last one is interjection. An interjection is a word that shows an emotion. Interjections are capable of being used alone grammatically. Using interjections is helpful as they express the true feeling of the characters in the sentence. Examples of interjections are; Wow, Hurray, Oh, Yeah.

These parts of speech have their own function and importance in sentences. However they have to be used correctly and accordingly in order for the sentence to be grammatically correct. A successful writer must know how to use these parts of speech correctly to be more understood by the readers.


Knowing proper grammar and English is very important. It helps with your resumes and it helps at school and work. When you know and use proper grammar, you will be surprised how many people actually listen to you, pay attention to you and read your resume.

Poor grammar is almost certainly something that can get you eliminated with job resume. Using shortcuts might be fine on your cell phone and texting, but not with job offers, resumes and future bosses. It does not show an intellect that all bosses are looking for. Proper grammar shows professionalism and that you are intelligent with the English language.


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Posted on Jul 18, 2011
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