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The Nutritional Value of Chopped Liver

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What is the nutritional value of chopped liver? Is eating chopped liver healthy?

Jewish Foods notes on its website that chopped liver is a popular dish in Jewish cuisine. Chopped liver recipes use chicken or calves’ liver and the resulting spread is served with crackers or rye bread. Jewish Recipes suggests that chopped liver is an acquired taste and when served at meals it is often relegated to the position of side dish (See Ref 1). The nutritional values in chopped liver depend on the ingredients in the recipe and the serving size.


The Recipe

Chopped liver recipes call for the chicken liver to be sautéed in oil, butter or rendered chicken fat. The recipe also calls for three to four boiled eggs, about a half of an onion and various seasonings (See Ref 2). Meals Matters provides a recipe that makes six servings of chopped liver using one half pd or chicken liver. The U.S. Department of Agriculture provides nutritional information on different kinds of chopped liver, including canned chicken pate.

Protein, Carbohydrates and Calories

Liver is high in protein, so high-protein diets might include chopped liver as a good choice. The Meals Matter recipe has 9.8 g of protein in a serving, 1.6 g of carbohydrates and 119 calories (Ref 2). Chopped liver is usually served as a pate or spread with crackers or bread, which means the serving sizes are generally small.

Fat and Cholesterol

Some diets intended to lower fat and cholesterol levels recommend avoiding organ meats, such as liver, because of the high fat content (See Ref 4). Liver also is high calories. The Meals Matter recipe, which uses butter, has 8 g of fat, including 3.8 g of saturated fat and 0.9 g of polyunsaturated fat (Ref 2). The one oz serving of canned chopped chicken liver pate has 111 g of cholesterol (See Ref 3). The ingredients in chopped liver and the method of cooking might be of concern to if you avoid oils, fats, cholesterol, and fried or sautéed foods;


Liver is a nutrient-rich food and the ingredients in the chopped liver recipe add more nutrients to the mix. Liver is high in vitamin A, which is dangerous to unborn babies (Ref 5). The Meals Matter serving has 4426 IU of vitamin A and 7.9 mg of vitamin C (Ref 2). The USDA reports that a one oz serving of canned chicken liver pate has 64.9 mg of choline, 4.0 mg of betaine, 2.29 mcg of vitamin B-12, 62 mg each of retinal and vitamin E and smaller amounts of vitamins B-6, folate, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin and thiamin (Ref 3).


The chopped liver spread made using the Meals Matter recipe has 63 mg of sodium and 3.9 mg of iron (Ref 2). One oz of the canned chicken liver pate has 109 mg of sodium, 3 mg of calcium, 2.61 of iron, 4 mg of magnesium, 50 mg of phosphorus, 27 mg of potassium, 0.61 mg of zinc, 0.051 mg of copper, 0.046 mg of manganese and 13.1 mcg of selenium (See Ref 3). If eaten frequently, liver's high levels of heavy metals can accumulate in your body's liver tissue (See Ref 5).


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