The Most Popular Street Fruit and Cold Drinks in the Philippines and Their Health Benefits

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Aside from commercial soft drinks to quench our thirst, there are several types of cold drinks that are popularly sold in the streets of the Philippine most especially in popular establishments where many people gather such as schools, terminals and many

These street cold fruit drinks are usually sold using plastic cups or plastic bags with sipping plastic straw. Here are some of the most popular street drinks in the Philippines. 

Assorted Palamig


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Orange Juice

Several local types of “palamigs” are sold in the streets of the Philippines. “Palamig” is a term which literally means “cold drink”. It is very popular because it is much cheaper than commercial cold drinks and are readily available anywhere.

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Among the most popular flavors of “palamig” sold in the Philippine streets include orange, pineapple, buko or young coconut and buko-pandan. Orange is the best source of vitamin C and other nutrients while pineapple is widely known for its pytho-chemicals which are very essential to the human body and are known to fight cancer cells.

Chunks of fresh and ripe pineapple are mixed with water and sugar in a container with chunks of ice. Sometimes, evaporated milk is also added for better and more refreshing taste.

For orange-flavored “palamig”, they usually use concentrated powder mixed with sugar, water and chunked or cubed ice.

Gulaman and Sago

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The classical Gulaman and Sago are probably among the most popular cold drinks sold in the streets. Gulaman, which is made of dried seaweeds, is a kind of jelly cut into small cubes while Sago are small balls made from sago plant and is commonly known as “Pearl Sago”. Gulaman and Sago are mixed together in a container and flavored with sugar and vanilla, and sometimes with evaporated milk. However, they can be prepared separately.

Iced Water

The cheapest, unflavored and tasteless cold drink that you can buy in the street is Iced Water. It is different from mineral water and is much cheaper. Water are put in plastic bags and cooled in the refrigerator. It is the cheapest and simplest drink to quench your thirst and to avoid dehydration

Buko Cold Drinks

The Philippines is the second largest producers of coconut in the world, so, it is not unusual to see several vendors selling cold drinks made of Buko or young coconut in the streets.

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Buko Juice is probably the most health beneficial and medically helpful among all the other juices sold on the Philippine streets. It cures several disorders and diseases such as kidney disorders and malfunctions.

The first choice for a cold drink made of buko is “palamig na buko” which is a mixture of plain water, sugar and grated young coconut meat.

The second choice is “sabaw ng buko” or coconut water. It is the purest water in the world and is very beneficial to our health. It cures several health problems such as kidney problems and others.    

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The third choice is buko- pandan cold drink. Pandan leaves are boiled and mixed with grated coconut meat, water and is flavored with sugar and evaporated or condensed milk.

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