The Most Interesting Places in Bulgaria

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The best tourist destinations in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is officially known as People’s Republic of Bulgaria. It is ranked as the 16th largest country in Europe and one of the most beautiful countries in the continent. All school in this country is free.

Bulgaria has a total area of 110,994 km². The country is bounded by Romania in the north, Serbia and Macedonia in the west, Greece and Turkey in the south and the Black Sea in the east. Sofia, its capital and its largest city, has a population of 1,405,000 people.

Here are the most interesting places to visit in Bulgaria.

1.) Primorsko

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The beautiful Primorsko, a town and seaside resort in the southeastern part of Bulgaria, is a well-known resort on the Black Sea Coast. With a beach strip that extends about 1 km and with favorable climate, Primorsko is indeed conducive for tourism. The Snake Island reserve is also located near this lovely town.

2.) National Palace of Culture

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The magnificent National Palace of Culture in Sofia is a large multifunctional congress, conference, convention and exhibition center that opened in 1981. It was declared the best congress center in the world in 2005 by the International Organization of Congress Centers. With a wide variety of technical equipment, it is capable to host different types of events, such as concerts, conferences, exhibitions and shows. The total area of this congress center is 123,000 m² on eight floors and three underground levels. It has 13 halls and 15,000 m² of exhibition area, a trade centre and a car park.

3.) Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

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This beautifully designed edifice called the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the world’s largest Eastern Orthodox churches occupying an area of 3,170 m² and can accommodate 5,000 inside. The church is one of Sofia’s major tourist attractions.

4.) National Gallery for Foreign Art

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The National Gallery for Foreign Art, a gallery located on St Alexander Nevsky Square in Sofia, serves as the country's national institution for foreign art. This elegant-looking building was built in the early 1880s and was reconstructed after World War II due to damage suffered from the bombing of Sofia.

5.) Church of St. George

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The Church of St. George in Sofia is the oldest church and the oldest building in Sofia. This antique and circular church, originally a pagan temple, is made of red brick. It was built by the Romans in the 4th century CE and is mainly famous for the 12th-14th century frescoes inside the central dome. Magnificent frescoes of 22 prophets over 2 meters tall crown the dome. These frescoes were only uncovered in the 20th century.

6.) Rila Monastery

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Rila Monastery, which was founded in the 9th century, is striking in its mountainous setting. Its complete name is Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila but it is better known as the Rila Monastery. It was named after the famous Bulgarian saint and hermit – Ivan of Rila. It is the largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria. This monastery, which is a popular tourist attraction, is situated in the northwestern Rila Mountains.

7.) National Gallery of Arts

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The National Art Gallery, the country’s national gallery, contains more than 50,000 pieces of Bulgarian art. The gallery, which was established in 1934, is located on Battenberg Square in Sofia. It was moved to the palace in 1946, after the abolition of the monarchy.

8.) Battenberg Square

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Prince Alexander of Battenberg Square, often called simply Battenberg Square is the largest square of Bulgaria’s capital – Sofia. The square is named after the first prince of modern Bulgaria – Alexander Joseph of Battenberg. It is the most suitable place in Sofia for major open-air concerts such as the concert series "Opera on the Square", demonstrations, parades and other large-scale events.

9.) Baba Vida

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Baba Vida is a medieval fortress in Vidin in the northwestern portion of Bulgaria. It is the town’s major landmark. The fortress consists of two fundamental walls and four towers. The fortress is the only entirely preserved medieval castle in the Bulgaria. The name of the castle means ‘Granny Vida’.

10.) Euxinograd

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The beautiful Euxinograd is a late 19th-century royal summer palace and park on the Black Sea Coast. The palace is now being used as a governmental and presidential retreat hosting cabinet meetings in the summer and offering access for tourists to several villas and hotels. It is also the venue of the Operosa annual opera festival since 2007.

11.) Boyana Church

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Boyana Church, a medieval Bulgarian Orthodox church, is notable for its 13th century frescoes and showcases outstanding examples of the paintings of that period. It is situated on the outskirts Sofia, in the Boyana quarter. A total of 89 scenes with 240 human images are depicted on the walls of the church.

12.) Valley of Roses

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The Valley of Roses is famous for rose growing industry which has been cultivated there for centuries. The Rose Valley, the source of attar of roses and rose water, used in perfume, produces 85% of the world’s rose oil. Each year, festivals are held celebrating roses and rose oil.

The months of May and June are the picking season and picking is traditionally done by women.

13.) Sofia Zoological Garden

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Sofia Zoo is located in Sofia, the country’s capital. This is the oldest zoological garden in Bulgaria being founded in 1888. It is also the country’s largest zoo with an area of 230,000 m². The zoo housed 1,113 animals representing 244 species.

14.) Boyana Waterfall

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The beautiful Boyana Waterfall is the highest in Vitosha. The fall is located on the outskirts of Sofia and is one of the tourist symbols of Sofia and the closest site for alpinism, hiking and skiing.

15.) Popinolashki Waterfall

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The 12 meter tall Popinolashki Waterfall is a waterfall in Pirin Mountain located in a country-side known as Popina laka. It is located at an altitude of 1,230 m on the current of the Bashliitsa River. Its height is estimated at 12 m. There are woodlands in the vicinity and was designated a natural landmark in 1965.

16.) Raysko Praskalo

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Raysko Praskalo, "Heavenly Spray", is a towering waterfall with a height of 124.5 meters making it the highest waterfall in all of Bulgaria and the Balkans. It is located under Botev Peak in the Balkan Mountains. The waterfall gathers water from snow-drifts.

17.) Floating Houses

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The Floating Houses are located at the Vacha Dam in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria.

18.) Wonderful Bridges

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The Wonderful Bridges is a rock formation in the Rhodope Mountains. It is located in the Karst valley of the Erkyupryia River. This geological wonder is one of Bulgaria’s tourist attractions.

19.) Tigrad Gorge

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The 7 km long Trigrad Gorge is a magnificent canyon of vertical marble rocks in the Rhodope Mountains in the southernmost part of Bulgaria. The western wall of the gorge is 300 meters tall while the eastern wall rages between 300 and 350 meters tall. The farthest distance of the walls is 300 meters and the closest is 100 meters. Trigrad Gorge encloses the course of the Trigrad River that plunges into the Devil’s Throat Cave and comes out as a large karst spring half kilometer away.

20.) Baikushev's Pine

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The Baikushev's Pine, a coniferous tree located in Pirin, is the oldest tree in Bulgaria. It is estimated to be over 1,300 years old and contemporary of modern Bulgaria's first Khan, Asparukh. This notable Bulgarian tree is 26 meters in height, has a diameter of 2.2 meters and with a circumference 7.8 meters.

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