The Most Beautiful Beaches in Vieques

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With dozens of beautiful, white sand beaches to choose from, Vieques, Puerto Rico is truly every beach lover's paradise. Here is a list of the most popular and most beautiful beaches you should visit on the island.

Vieques is a beautiful, peaceful haven every world-weary traveler should visit. Literally translating to “little island”, this small pocket of land off the eastern part of mainland Puerto Rico boasts of pristine, white sand beaches framed by clear blue waters barely touched by commercial development. This means you get to enjoy all the natural beauty of the Caribbean without blaring music, squeaky-clean toilets or rowdy revelers. With 40 beaches to offer, the island is truly every beach bum’s dream. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches you should see while in Vieques:

Sun Bay Beach (Balneario Sombe)

sun bay beach vieques (photo credit)

The most popular among the diverse beaches of Vieques, the Sun Bay Beach is the first beach you’ll see when you take the dirt road into the public beaches on the southern side of the island. It has facilities like restrooms, a cafeteria, picnic tables and a camp ground you’ll rarely find in other beaches in the island.

Media Luna Beach

media luna beach vieques (photo credit)

A small, peaceful half moon-shaped cove just east of the busy Sun Bay Beach, the Media Luna is the calmest beach you’ll find in Vieques. The shallow, clear water extends 40 meters and is perfect for beginner swimmers and small children. And the shore is fringed by low-lying coconut trees – low enough that you can grab one and drink its sweet juice straight from the nut.

Blue Beach (Bahía de la Chiva)

blue beach vieques (photo credit)

Named for its strikingly clear waters painted in vibrant hues of blue, the Blue Beach is a haven for snorkeling. You’ll see colorful schools of fish playing at your feet just a few meters from the shoreline. It is also relatively secluded and quiet compared to the other beaches in the island. You’ll likely find bliss here under the graceful shade of one of coconut trees lining the shore.

Green Beach (Punta Arenas)

green beach vieques (photo credit)

If you want to get in touch with your inner Gaia, then the Green Beach is the perfect beach for you. Framed with green, lush surroundings teeming with life and nature’s wild beauty on one side and the clear blue waters of the Caribbean on the other, this is one of the spots on Earth where you will truly feel nature’s beauty. This beach is perfect for relaxing with a loved one or snorkeling. Just rent a jeep and follow the military road west, past Mosquito Pier and the scenic mangroves of the Kiani Lagoon.

Red Beach (Playa Caracas)

red beach vieques (photo credit)

Found in the southern part of Vieques, the Red Beach is a beautiful, picturesque cove set against a backdrop of green hills and framed by big rocks. The water is warm and calm, just like its perfect, powdery shoreline. Just follow the military road to the southern part of the island, and remember to pack food and drinks. Gazebos have been built to make the beach friendlier for families and groups.

Navio Beach (Playa Navio)

navio beach vieques (photo credit)

For more adventurous souls, Navio Beach offers wave action for body surfers and a few caves spunky spelunkers can explore. But what is most striking about this beach is its spectacular turquoise color set against a wide expanse of white, powdery sand. You’ll find this just east of Media Luna, in the southernmost tip of Vieques.

With so many beautiful beaches, it’s almost hard to believe that a decade ago Vieques was an off-limits training and bombing ground of the United States Navy. Chat up with a local or two to soak up the rich history and culture of the island. Or maybe share it over a freshly-hacked bowl of fresh coconut right by the tantalizing blue sea…

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