The Most Amazing Machines Ever Made in Human History

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Here is all about the world's largest machines. The largest escavator, container ship, crawler-transporter, etc. ever made by man

The human endeavor to excel has created wonders, including wonderful machines. In his fast pace of advancement, man has invented many new machines and such machines have in turn augmented his pace of growth far beyond even his own imagination. Machines have made modern life very convenient and challenging. Many of these new inventions are engineering marvels and are objects of curiosity and wonderment. Undoubtedly, these machines stand as the landmarks in the untiring enterprise and unending quest for excellence of humankind.

(1) Crawler-Transporter: The Second Largest Tracked Vehicle Ever Built by Humankind

The Crawler-Transporters is the second largest tracked vehicle ever built by man. These mammoth machines are a pair of tracked vehicles. Crawler-Transporters are mainly constructed for the use of NASA. NASA uses Crawler-Transporters to carry spacecraft from spacecraft from Vehicle Assembling Building to Launch Complex 39. NASA used these huge tracked vehicles to carry Saturn IB and Saturn V rockets for Apollo, Skylab and Apollo-Soyuz projects. Crawler-Transporters are used for other programs of NASA including the Space Shuttle program. Crawler-Transporters are also used for the Constellation program for carrying the Ares I and Ares V rockets. Crawler-Transporters projects were conceived and implemented by Bucyrus International. The manufacturing work of the Crawler-Transporters was done by the Marion Power Shovel Co. which worked on the design of Bucyrus International. The Crawler-Transporters were estimated to the largest machines when they were constructed. The construction cost of Crawler-Transporters was estimated to be around $ 14 million for a single machine. Subsequent to the commissioning of the Crawler-Transporters, the Bagger 288 was manufactured and then Bagger 288 became the largest tracked vehicle ever built in the world.

The Crawler-Transporter has the following specifications:

The Crawler-Transporter is a long machine and has a Length of around 131 feet or 40 meter

The Crawler-Transporter has a weight of nearly 2400 tons. In other words, the Crawler-Transporter has a weight of 2,700 short tons or 2,400,000 kilo grams or 5,400,000 lb

The mammoth machine has a height of 20 feet to 26 feet (6.1 meter to 7.9 meter)

The Crawler-Transporter has a width of 114 feet or 35 meter

CRAWLER-TRANSPORTER     image source

(2) ‘Emma Maersk’: The World’s Longest Container Ship

Among the marine vehicles, Emma Maersk is the longest container ship ever built by man. This huge vessel has massive container capacity.

Emma Maersk has a capacity to carry nearly 11,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU). In cargo transportation, the capacity of this ship is supreme. Emma Maersk’s container capacity is much higher than those of other ships. This massive carrier can carry 1,400 more containers than any other ship can. This is the highest capacity of any container ship ever built by man.

EMMA MAERSK      image source

(3) Bagger 288: The Biggest Excavator of the World

In the human quest for excellence, there is the constant application of thought and application. It is a process of conceiving and creation. In his creative and constructive spree, high power construction equipments come in handy. For excavation purposes, Bagger 288 has been created. This machine is considered the largest excavator ever made by man. Bagger 288 is a bucket-wheel excavator. This heavy equipment is manufactured by the German heavy-machine company Krupp. Krupp manufactured this mammoth machine for the mining firm Rheinbraun. This mobile strip mining machine is an object of great attraction. It is an engineering marvel since the machine is powered from an external source. In that aspect Bagger 288 is different form the Crawler Transporter. Crawler Transporter is a load-carrying vehicle which is self-powered.

BAGGER 288     image source

Bagger 288 has the following specifications and features:

Bagger 288 is a huge machine.

It is fairly long and has a length of 215 m

Bagger 288 has a weight of around 13, 500 tons

The machine has a height of nearly 95 m

(4) Liebherr T 282B: The Largest Earth-hauling Truck Ever Built by Humankind

The Liebherr T 282B is an engineering marvel and is one of the largest machines ever made in the world. This wonder machine is designed by the German manufacturer, Liebherr. Liebherr T 282B is an earth hauling dump truck. This engineering marvel was first manufactured in 2004. When it was made, this mammoth machine was the largest earth-hauling truck in the world.

LIEBHERR T 282B      image source

Liebherr T 282B has the following features and specifications:

Liebherr T 282B is a long machine. It has a length of 14.5 meters.

Liebherr T 282B weighs around 203 tonnes.

Liebherr T 282B has the maximum operating weight of 592 tonnes.

This mammoth machine has a capacity of 365 tonnes.

Liebherr T 282B has a height of 7.4 meters. It is the height over the canopy.

Liebherr T 282B has a maximum speed of 65 km per hour (40 mph)

The wonder machine has a wheel base of 6.6 meters.

Liebherr T 282B is run by a diesel engine. The engine is of 10.5 tonne, 90 liter.

Liebherr T 282B is run by an engine that has 3650 horse power which is equivalent of 2700 KW.

It is estimated the Liebherr T 282B costs around US$ 3.75 million.


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