The Most Addicting Games on the PC (Part 2)

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There are thousands of PC games available for download and it is quite hard to distinguish what games deserve your time and what games are pure crap. Read on to find out about the most addicting PC games available today and avoid crappy games out in the m

Chicken Invaders

Have you ever played Galaga on the Nintendo entertainment system? If you loved it, you’ll also love Chicken Invaders.

Chicken Invaders is a space shooter right down to the bone. The player is presented with waves of enemies to fight and eliminate in order to rack up points and battle for high scores. The people who normally are turned off by space shooters because of their high level of difficulty would not be scared away by Chicken Invaders. It provides the gamer with three difficulty settings to suit the player’s preferences.

Players will never get bored with Chicken Invaders as it presents the gamer with new challenges each and every minute. The level of variety of enemies in the game is very impressive (from chickens to asteroids) and forces the gamer to change their strategy with each type of enemy.

Chicken Invaders would not win any awards in the graphics department but it sure has very polished visuals. The background could be a bit repetitive but it does a nice job of not being distracting when a lot of action is happening on screen.

A funny story is also included in the adventure mode which would definitely result in quite a few laughs. All in all, Chicken Invaders is a very addictive PC game and would definitely please shooting game enthusiasts.

Governor of Poker

I have never been a fan of Youda games but their Governor of Poker series has always been one of my favorites.  The ultimate goal of the game is of course to work your way to the top and become the Governor of poker.

Since I am an RPG fanatic, I automatically fell in love with the RPG style interface of the game where your character can roam around town, talk to them pretty ladies, purchase and sell properties, borrow money from banks to your heart’s content, and play poker all day long. The environmental graphics when you roam around town can be a bit dull due to its Midwest setting but it’s hardly worth complaining about.

During poker matches, you are presented with a top-down view of the table and its players. Poker matches really get intense as the computer AI knows how to raise, call, fold, or bluff at the right time just like a real human being. I found myself constantly losing all of my hard-earned (virtual) money in a poker match due to the cunning skills of the AI opponents. This game is definitely not for everyone. But for poker aficionados, this game would definitely get you hooked.

Spa Mania

I compensate for my lack of time management in my personal life by playing time management games for the PC. There’s something about these games that always make me keep coming back for more. Spa Mania is one of the hundreds of time management games available for the PC and I love every bit of it.

Spa Mania has you operating, uhm, a spa — you entertain the customers, give them massages, baths, and many more and collect money in the progress. As with most time management games, your objective is to keep the customers happy and entertained by doing tasks as fast and organized as you can.

Upgrades that could be put in the spa could be purchased using cash that is generated through your efforts throughout the course of the game and adds a lot of replay value. Spa Mania could be repetitive at times but its gameplay and the ability to purchase upgrades make it an extremely addicting game.

Chaos Faction

Most flash games have very little replay value. It is hard to find a flash game that would be worthy of lengthy play hours. Luckily, I came across Chaos Faction.

Though it has cutesy characters and cartoony environments, this is a death match game at its core. Its gameplay is fast, hectic and extremely addicting. Chaos Faction may be considered a poor man’s Smash Brothers by some because it plays slightly like it.

Chaos Faction has a campaign mode which is generally a one on one death match affair. This is the mode where players can unlock extra characters and weapons. A Death Match mode is available and allows up to six player simultaneous play and is the best mode in the game. Survival mode is also decent and is quite challenging.

Chaos Faction is best played with friends. It could lead to a few hours of fun and mayhem. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.


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