The Many and Different Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sex From Around the World

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Speak about beauty and the world will willingly join you share about beautiful people and their definition and standard of beauty. Talk about love and many will tell their respective stories about love. Mention about sex and it will surely arouse the inte

Here are the most popular and well-known love, sex and beauty deities or goddesses from around the world.

Aphrodite – Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty

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Aphrodite, one of the most beautiful and famous goddess, is the Greek goddess of beauty, love and lust. In addition she is also the goddess of pleasure and procreation. He married Hephaestus and the lover of Ares, Anchises, Adonis and others.

Venus – Roman Goddess of Love, Sex and Beauty

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Venus, the equivalent of Greek’s Aphrodite, is the Roman goddess of beauty, love and sex. In addition, she is also the goddess of fertility, prosperity and victory. He is the mother of Aeneas and thus regarded as the mother of the Roman people. She also embodies enticement, seduction and persuasive female charm among the community of immortal gods.

Ishtar – Goddess of Love and Beauty in Mesopotamian Mythology

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Ishtar, the equivalent of the Roman goddess Venus, is the Assyrian goddess of fertility, love, sex and war. She is also regarded by the Babylonians as their goddess of love and sex. Like Aprodite, she had many lovers too.

Frigg - Norwegian Goddess of Sex, Romance and Marriage

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In Norwegian mythology, their goddess of sex is Frigg which is also the goddess of divination, household duty, marriage, married women, reproduction and romance. She’s the queen of Asgard and the wife of Odin.

Hathor – Egyptian Goddess of Love and Beauty

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The goddess of beauty and love for the Egyptians is Hathor which is also their goddess of the music and of the sky. She also personified the principles of feminie, joy and motherhood.

Lada – Slavic Goddess of Love and Beauty

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Lada is the fakeloric goddess of love and beauty in Slavic Mythology. In addition, this putative Slavic pagan deity is also the goddess of harmony, merriment and youth.

Ziva – Slavic Goddess of Love and Fertility

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Another goddess of love in Slavic mythology is Ziva. She is also known as Siva, Siwa, Ziwia, Sieba or Razivia. She is also the goddess of fertility and was worshipped in many European countries such as Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Erzulie – Spirit of Love and Beauty in Haitian Vodou

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Erzulie or Ezili, is a spirit in the Haitian culture believed to be the loa or spirit of love and beauty. She is also the loa of dancing, flowers, jewelry and luxury. She has 3 husbands and flirts with all the men when she mounts a serviteur.

Oshun – Goddess of Love and Beauty in Vodou

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Oshun, in the Yoruba religion, is the, goddess of beauty and love. She is also the goddess of diplomacy, intimacy and wealth and is likewise worshipped in Brazilian Candomble Ketu.

Mami Wata – Goddess of Love and Lust in Yoruba Mythology

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Mami Wata is the goddess of love and lust and is venerated in Africa such as Central, West, Southern and West Africa. In the Nigerian tradition, it is believe that male followers may encounter the spirit in the guise of a beautiful, sexually promiscuous woman, such as a prostitute.

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