The Manchild: Why An Adult Toddler Is Not A Great Partner, But A Hidden Abuser

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Defining the manchild and why they are attractive, but dangerous to date or to have as partners.

If there is a certain kind of men, that always seems to have success with women, it is those that never seem to grow up. The mother instinct of a woman will always love to care for a helpless child.

Now, it is alright to maintain your inner child and I will not tell people that a guy that likes to get ecstatic in a toy store or loves to play with kids, is a manchild, or grown up child.

No, manchildren are men that are some kind of Peter Pan figures that do not grow up. Some remain like toddlers and they appear like nice and kind people that are hard not to love, but they are somewhat like spoiled toddlers in an adult body.

Those men are adorable, but also dangerous. Yes, they do have a dark side and one of their bad habits is, that they appear sincere and altruistic, but they actually are just like small children. They might appear selfless, but they are actually selfish and only out to make the world a better place for themselves.

They do not have he empathy for others. They are like the toddler that explores the boundaries and often blackmails his parents to get what he wants. Remember a crying kid making a scene in mall, to get a toy?

Annoyed parents like to give in, but the more educational ones, will just not. You cannot have all in life, but the toddler does not know that yet.

Now a manchild is also like that. They are cute teddy bears, as long as they get what they want. But when they do not like something, they get mad, like the kid that throws away its plate, when there is something on it, he does not like. And when they do not get what they want, they might also make a scene.

Like any toddler, an adult one will be in its oral stage and many manchildren cannot face reality and have addiction problems. They smoke, drink or whatever, just to keep satisfied.

This is not the main problem, when you want to date an adult toddler. They do not like you to say no, but when you try to correct them, they can get real mad.

Unlike a small child, they do have the physics of an adult man and they might hit their partners, when they do not please them.

Or they might get grumpy, throw things at you, call your names, or just dump you ... Whatever, if not pleased, the adult baby is not nice to be around.

Next to addiction problems, they might also have a problem in controlling money. They do not know the value of money and keep spending more than they have. Yes, they are more likely shop addicts than their partners.

Do not mention the status of the credit card, or they will be angry, because baby will say you are selfish and do not like him to be happy.

Also, they mostly have bad addiction habits, as stated before. Many of them have a drinking problem. They might also like to consume more food than good for them. Still, they might not all be overweight, depending on their metabolism and/or activity.


So they can be drunks that cannot maintain money and might get violent on you, although it does not have to be physically. That is why manchildren might be nice from a distance, but once you get close living hell.

They are the charming, spontaneous guys that are a little helpless and any woman with motherly feelings would like to take care off, but unlike most babies, they will never grow up.

Also, because they attract mostly caring women, they might also appear safe and some women might like the comfort of a man that appears innocent, like most adult man babies do.

But do not be mistaken. They might not take a no and they might like more than just a hug, so some of these grown up babies might also end up as the typical date rapists.

So when you are involved with a guy that keeps needing money, drinks, smokes or has any other addictions and is only nice to you as long as you give in, you might like to wonder what attracts you in him.

If you are a caring and motherly type, most likely you are dealing with a manchild. Do not think you can help him. He is not helpless, but a lazy spoiled brat, that just does not like a no for an answer and that won't stop terrorizing you, till he has got what he wants.

Some might also be charmers and when you say no, they just dump you like dirt. They will not terrorize you, but they might leave you in pain, thinking they were worthy of your efforts.