The Largest Mammals Endemic From Each Continent

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Do you know the largest mammals endemic from each Continent? All of the largest animals in the world whether on land and in the water are mammals. The Blue Whale, the largest of all animals in the world, is a mammal. The animal with the largest brain, the

Southern Elephant Seal – Antarctica

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Antarctica’s largest mammal is the Southern Elephant Seal. As its name implies, it was named after the Elephant. This huge marine mammal can weigh as much as 4,000 kilograms and can attain a length of 5.8 meters

African Elephant – Africa

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The largest animal in Africa and in the world is the African Elephant. It also has the largest nose and the largest ears among all other animals. This enormously large animal can attain a height of up to 4 meters at the shoulder and can weigh as much as 6 tons making it the heaviest extant land-dwelling creature. Giraffe, Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus are also large mammals that live in Africa.

Asian Elephant – Asia

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The Asian Elephant, which is slightly smaller than the African Elephant, is the largest mammal and the largest living land animals of Asia. It can attain a weight of more than 5,000 kilograms and a height at the shoulder of 3.2 meters. Other large mammals that are endemic to Asia include the Yak of Tibet, the Water Buffalo of Southeast Asia and the Indian Rhinoceros and Gaur of India.

Northern Elephant Seal – North America

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The largest mammal in North America is the Northern Elephant Seal. It can weigh as much as 2,300 kilograms and can attain a length of 4 meters. Elk or Moose Deer is also a large mammal that can be found in North America. Bison, Kodiak Bear, Polar Bear and Brown Bear are also among the largest mammals of North America.

Wisent – Europe

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The largest mammal in Europe is the endangered Wisent. It is known as American Bison in North America. It can attain a height of up to 2 meters and weight of up to 1,000 kilograms or more. It is also called European Bison.

Llama – South America

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The largest mammal in South America is the Llama. It can attain a height of 1.8 meters at the top of its head and can weigh as much as 200 kilograms. The Alpaca and Guanaco are another two large mammals of South America but they are smaller than the Llama.

Red Kangaroo – Australia

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Australia’s largest mammal native to Australia is the high leaping marsupial – the Red Kangaroo.  This mammal is also the largest of all Kangaroos and also the largest living marsupial in the world. It can attain a length of about 3 meters including its tail and can weigh as much as 85 kilograms.

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