The Kashmir Valley and the Valley of Flowers

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There are no two opinions about the the beauty of Kashmir as a place. Jammu and Kashmir is the northern most state of India situated mostly in Himalayan mountains.

The Kashmir Valley of India and the valley of flowers

Jammu and Kashmir is the northern most state of India situated mostly in Himalayan Mountains. The place has been in the news for all the wrong reasons and of late has become a favored place of Islamic terrorists who gain an entry into the country through there. However, there are no two opinions about the beauty of Kashmir as a place and its people. Kashmiris are known to be one of the best looking people on the earth.

Kashmir is a land of sparkling rivers and sleepy lakes, of startling gardens and regal Chinar trees. Kashmir boasts of some of the most beautiful flowering meadows and snow-capped peaks. The abundance of natural beauty has earned the valley a nickname, "The Switzerland of the East."

It is mesmerizing to see how this endless beauty of nature never fails to charm the visitors with its changing scenes from dazzling white snow of the winter months to the blooming fragrance of spring. The sparkling greenery of summer is welcome too as the flaming beauty of autumn.

Kashmir is famous all over the world for its beautiful and natural scenery and wide varieties of flora and fauna. It is also widely known for its different kinds of agricultural products including fruits, vegetables, Walnuts, saffron, herbs, minerals, precious stones and finest kind of embroidery on clothes. Kashmiri hand woven carpets in both wool and silk are known to be of the finest quality easily at par with Persian Carpets.

Srinagar is the Capital city of this state. It is famous for Dal Lake filled with lotus plants which remains frozen during winter months and its boathoueses. Most tourists prefer to stay on the boathouses. Since almost a decade Kashmir is facing many problems including dwindling tourism because of the terrorist's activities. Indian government has been trying its level best to neutralize the situation at Kashmir with the help of the army and by giving protection to the people of Kashmir who constantly face threat from the terrorists who infiltrate into the region from across the border.

The valley of flowers

The Valley of Flowers looks like a fairy land. It is situated in the Garhwal state of Uttaranchal, India in the foot hills of the Himalayas. According to the legends the valley of flowers has been spiritually associated with Lord Hanuman, the monkey God who was a great devotee of Lord Ram. This is part of the great Hindu epic Ramayana.

The Valley of flowers is situated at an altitude of 3560 meters and remains frozen for nearly six months or more after which with the onset of spring and summer it is a burst of colours that thrills the viewers.  It is now a national park maintained by the government of India. It is known as The Pushpavathy National Park. The park is full of wild flowers in bloom - Rhododendrons, Orchids, Primulas and other blooms grow and thrive here and the place is a riot of color soon after the monsoons.

There are regular bus and train services from Delhi and other major cities of India to get to this amazing place. It is indeed a magical place and the beauty when the valley is in full bloom is spellbinding, you just want to look at the beauty and stay on and on. 


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