The Importance of Water Meters

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Water meters are used to measure the flow of water from a source. This helps to keep a track of average domestic and commercial usage of water supply. Certain industrial and cultivation activities rely on these water meters to release the requisite amount

There are various factors responsible for the rate of flow of water through the pipes such as diameter of the pipe, velocity of flow, viscosity, specific gravity and friction of the liquid. The measurement is primarily based on the cross section area of the pipe and the velocity. The reading is taken inches or in cubic feet depending upon the type of water meter register.

Types of Water Meters

There are different kinds of water meters for separate and specific requirements. Some of the most widely used water meters are as follows.

Favorable or Positive Displacement Meters: Favorable displacement water meters are mostly finds application in domestic water usage measurement. It finds the exact amount of water consumption per household. There is a small chamber fit along with the measuring device. The water fills the chamber entirely every time and is released to move further. This helps to calculate the total amount of water by multiplying the capacity of the chamber with the number of times the chamber is filled with water. This kind of water meter is widely used in apartments, offices, hotels etc where there is water consumption is comparatively low.

Velocity Meters: Velocity meters are water flow measurement devices used to measure high water consumption in flats or multi-storey buildings and giant industrial units where there are additional facilities such as water reserves for controlling unprecedented fire breakouts etc. These facilities require water supply in greater quantities. They are suitable for direct installation on the water flow pipes and can provide accurate measurement even during heavy flow. Velocity meters are of several types such as venture meters, ultrasonic meters, multi-jet meters, magnetic meters etc.

Hot Water Meters: There are different types of hot water flow meters viz. turbine warm water meters and multi jet hot water meters. The multi jet hot water meters are used for both commercial and domestic usages whereas the turbine warm water meters are meant for commercial usage only.

Benefits of Installing Water Meters

• Water meters measure the exact amount of municipality or corporation enhanced water supply for every single connection. This helps to introduce proper billing system, where the consumer has to pay for the quantity of water used by him.

• The flow meters are also beneficial for tracking leakages in water pipes. This helps to detect and identify the damage immediately to avoid wastage of water.

• The water meters help in saving a considerable amount of electricity usage and raise the speed of water supply.

• They are durable to withstand all adverse climatic conditions and damages such as rusting, breakages or technical faults.

• These devices help to check the water consumption and the measurement prevents wastage by preventing extensive usages.