The Importance of Communication Skills: Conversation is an Art

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The Art of Conversation. Learn how to communicate with others so you will be heard and understood.

How many times have you heard, "Communication is key!" This is so true and relates to all aspects of life including both business and personal. You can not have a successful 'relationship' with anyone with out effective communication skills. As a 20 something year old woman, I am learning a lot these days about my personal communication style and how that either aides or hinders me in my personal life as well as business relationships. I know personally that I communicate more effectively via writing than orally but I'm working on merging the two skills so that they coincide.

There is definitely an art to conversation. How often do you find yourself in an elevator with 5 to 6 individuals all looking up at the ceiling, straight forward or down at their feet? This has always puzzled me. Is it because people feel uncomfortable speaking to strangers, feel awkward in such an enclosed space or are people just generally rude? I don't know.

When it comes to personal acquaintances, conversation is very essential. When speaking with a friend over the phone, she mentioned that someone she knows decided to end a relationship because their partner tended to watch television often and could not hold a decent conversation because she was always disengaged from 'reality.' The ability to hold a 'decent conversation' is vital in your personal relationships, especially if this is someone you wish to spend the rest of your life with. What happens when you are old and grey and can no longer engage in that physical activity you currently use to express yourself? You will need to have the ability to converse that's what. Older couples spend their precious time talking and reminiscing about the good times, so if you can't hold a decent conversation then what's life going to be like for you in your elder years as a couple?


The art of conversation includes both the ability to speak effectively as well as listen attentively. Don't you hate it when you are speaking to someone and they cut you off in the middle of your thought in order to interject theirs? This is not only rude but an ineffective communication style. You can not possibly be listening to what the other party has said if you jump right in before they are able to complete their sentence. Also it is often said that "Reality is Perception." You may intend on meaning one thing with what you say, however the reality is how the receiving party perceives it. I have often been at fault with this one myself. You have to remember to watch your tone and delivery so that your thoughts are communicated just as you intend them to be received.

The art of conversation is a learned skill that you develop from early childhood and it continues to evolve as you interact with new people. If no one has ever complained about your conversation or communication methods then congratulations, you are a master at it; however if it has been brought to your attention I would only suggest that you take heed. If so, you will likely find that you attract the attention you wish and command the respect that you deserve and you will notice a dramatic difference in the way that others perceive you and your new image.