The Huron Unseen World

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The unseen world is a combination of ideas, faith, and essentially, the belief that a world outside of our own consists of something almost unexplainable. A world populated by others.

I believe the unseen world is populated by others. It’s hard to assume or assign a person or inanimate object to a place or otherworld. That object or person is not something or someone I can title, so rather, I’ll just use the term “otherworld”.

As I mentiond before in the Cherokee Unseen World, the unseen world is a combination of ideas, faith, and essentially, the belief that a world outside of our own consists of something almost unexplainable.

What is the primary way that the Huron believed one could access the unseen world?

Most individuals would come to Shamans for interpretations of dreams because they sometimes were forgotten, or rather details of those dreams were misunderstood, and they wanted to know the significance and meaning. The idea behind this is, the soul of a Huron was able to leave the body during sleep, and was capable of communicating with the oki that animated the universe and possessed powers to do things that ordinary humans could not do. The only way to understand the dream, because the dream was the communicated to the soul, was with the aid of a medicine man. A medicine man obtained their powers through visions or dreams in which a guardian spirit, or oki, revealed itself to them. A medicine man was able to infiltrate their patients' souls and recognize their desires.

Consequently, witches and those who possessed supernatural powers, warriors, traders, and lunatics, supposedly possessed companion spirits that endowed them with their special qualities to access the unseen.

What was brought back from the Huron unseen world?

Huron believed that the unseen world could communicate with them during dreams, virtually presenting to them-their souls that is- gifts and materials, and soul desires, in which the Huron were entitled. If a person was being abused or neglected, they could use their dreams as reason to gain attention from the community, thus altering a person’s relationships and standing in society. For example, a mother dreamed that if her son was to be cured, he had to receive one hundred cakes of tobacco and four beaver skins. She didn’t receive the exact amounts of these materials, but she did gain access to them after ulterior amounts were decided.

Simply, an object of one’s desires could be accessed in one’s dreams, and through the dreams was the key to obtaining them from society. If the desire was for weapons, fish, tools, or even a sexual partner, this was essentially dreamed-or rather the soul gained access to the desires- and those desires were explained by the unseen spirit, and thus, communicated while awake in the seen world. 


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