The Hindu Kama Sutra Vs. The Muslim The Perfumed Garden

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A look at two different religious texts about sensual romance.

There have been different kinds of literature about the art, and love, and even sexuality. All of which have written about and studied in a variety of different ways. These days, such studies have been as a result of clinical studies. Although, previously such literature stems from religious texts.

Below are looks into two very different types of text about sexuality and sensuality. Here’s the contrast between Hinduism and Islam, at least in their books of sexuality.

Hinduism: Kama Sutra

This text started as an ancient Indian Hindu text. The original text was written in Sanskrit, written by V?tsy?yana. He has been seen as the author of the original text to this book.

Kama is seen as one of the three goals of Hinduism. Kama relates to sensual pleasure. Almost like Buddhism, where procreational love-making is permitted, Hinduism sees love-making as a force of love that feed the fruits of life.

S?tra literally pertains to a line, or thread, that holds things together.

Contrary to popular Western thought, Kama Sutra is not exclusively a sex manual. In due respect, it represents a gracious and virtuous way of making love, giving love and sharing love. And this literature also extends to family life and other pleasures of human life.

The Kama Sutra is seen as the most notable and the oldest texts of this kind. In modern English, its name is translated as the “Discipline of Kama”. It is the summary of the essential information that Hinduism pertains on the subject.

All of this literature is in 36 chapters, all split into seven chapters. All of which correlate to how sensual love can enhance one’s sensuality, sexuality and spirituality.

It sees true sensuality as liberation from the physical means of the body you have. By sharing love, at least by physical means, sees liberation from your physical limitations. For, alas, it incorporates virtues, materialism, and the liberation from within true love. Yet, this is beyond just a mere sex guide. It is a guide to how love should be made. At least from a spiritual way.

Muslim: The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delight

This is a text written by Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Nafzawi. To which, this is the Arabic version of the Kama Sutra, if nothing more.

The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delight presents many opinions of attractiveness. Both female and male attractiveness are given in this book. Also, advice on techniques of love-making, warnings on sexual health and recipes on how to remedy sexual frustrations are here. It also give a list on the varieties of name for both genders’ genitalia. To which incorporates interpretations of dreams, and also a brief bit about sex amongst animals. To which gives stories which give context and amusement on the same matters.

Written somewhere between 1410 and 1434, it’s seen as the oldest book on sexuality. It was compiled as the oldest anthology of sexual and sensual love ever compiled.

Sure, this is not the most extensive look into either text. Yet, they are there to give us a guide to how love-making, and love sharing, should be.


Daniel Payne
Posted on Jan 2, 2012
Posted on Jan 2, 2012