The Highest Paying Revenue Sharing Sites

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Just because a revenue sharing site offers a 75% 0r a 100% pay out percentage does not mean that they are the highest paying writing site. To be considered a high paying revenue sharing website, you must offer more than a high percentage payout rate for e

As I was saying in the article description, just because a revenue sharing site has a high revenue sharing percentage rate does not mean that they are literally a high paying revenue sharing writing site. There are other things to consider such as does the revenue sharing website analyze your article content, does your revenue sharing site edit your article content for proper optimization and does you revenue sharing site do things to help you article reach a high search engine ranking placement? It does not take very long to tell if a revenue sharing website does offer all of these things. Do not the 100% revenue sharing percentage rate fool you. If the writing site does not help you with behind the scenes editing and optimization, then it wont matter if you make 1,000% revenue sharing percentage rate if nobody ever reads it. In a nut shell, it takes a combination between the writer and the revenue sharing website to make the most money with the high paying revenue sharing websites. Below you will find a list of the highest paying revenue sharing sites and you will notice different revenue sharing amounts beside each one. Just like I said just because a revenue sharing writing site offers a higher revenue sharing percentage rate does not mean that you will make the most money with them. Look at the entire picture. The revenue sharing writing sites listed below are listed from 1 to 15. The number one revenue sharing website will be the highest paying revenue sharing website and the number 15 writing website will be the least revenue sharing percentage rate website. In other words, the number one writing website is the highest, the number 15 writing website is the lowest.

The Highest Paying Revenue Sharing Sites

  1. 60% of the ad revenue.
  2. 100% percent of the ad revenue.
  3. Combination of page views, ad income percentages and other writing project percentages.
  4. Undisclosed but they do claim to have writers making over 7,000 a month if expected.
  5. 75% of the ad income revenue.
  6. 100% percent of the ad income revenue.
  7. DemandStudios Ehow Revenue Sharing Program- Undisclosed but very consistent.
  8. 50% of the ad income revenue
  9. Undisclosed and getting harder and harder to write for.
  10. Undisclosed amount but very consistent payments.
  11. Create and Promote Your Own Adsense Monetized Blog- 100% ad income revenue.
  12. Create and Promote Your Own Adsense Monetized Websites for Free- 100% ad income revenue.
  13. Undisclosed but up and coming. The more lists you write, the more money you make.
  14. 50% ad income revenue
  15. 100% ad income revenue as long as you post everyday.

The Most Consistent High Paying Revenue Sharing Sites factoidz offers so much more than revenue sharing. They will also analyze your content and inform you if your article is considered a high paying article. They will also inform you of your search engine page ranking to help you make changes to your content to get a higher search engine ranking if necessary. As long as the quantity is there, then yes you can make a decent amount of revenue sharing income with Hubpages. Flixya is a up and comer but since they have a blog writing section that will be monetized with AdSense ads, you have the opportunity to make good money because Flixya is a Google related company and you will be guaranteed a high search engine ranking.

DemandStudios-Ehow-Revenue Sharing Program- Ever since that the old Ehow,com shut the doors to their main website, writers can now write revenue sharing articles from the demand Studios Website that will show up on the website. The more you write the more you make. It is kind of like still writing for Ehow and making the same amount of money. You are just having to do it through another website who edits the articles before they are puclished. Writers Program- The Writers Program also pays very good money to write for them. They have a very high search engine placement capability and they give you enough work to keep you busy enough to make the big bucks. You must first be accepted by the About Writers Program so put your best foot forward during the application process.

I combine all of the consistent revenue sharing websites in my daily writing and I am able to make enough money to stay at home and write and so can you.

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