The Guide to Women - Show Her Who's Boss

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Women, most men will never know them. Here's step one to figuring them out. Its all about standing your ground and letting her know who's boss. From the perspective of a guy, shitty relationships

Intro - As we grow we find ourselves understanding or even just believing in certain stereo types.  One such stereo type is that all women are terrible.  I personally don't believe this; however, women surly operate more differently than men do.  This is an article that is designed to help guys get on the straight path to truly understanding women more correctly.

What are my credentials you say?  I've been through many "shitty" relationships in which women were taking advantage of me.  I learned through my mistakes and recorded my knowledge of women in a secret place.  I'm sure many guys out there have had that same relationship many times - especially if you fall into that critically acclaimed category of, the nice guy

We (meaning us nice guys) have an issue with the same thing, and that is being too nice.  The reason women take advantage of us is simply because us being too nice means that we tend not to exert ourselves.  Women will deal with this in one of two ways (or in a devious combination of both that won't be discussed in this relationship article),

Method one is simple - "the nice guy will give what he wants to keep his girl happy".  This is where we go wrong.  Giving a women what she wants when she tells you to give it to her will be your down fall every single time (telling = anyway of letting that guys know without asking first).  They know that if they keep nagging they will get what they want. 

So how do you fix this problem, simple - YOU SAY NO!  Men, we work on budgets.  And those of us who are smart enough to keep records of our expenses know that keeping a woman around means sacrificing a good chunk of your income.  Women often act as though they don't know these things.  One way to get her to understand this is by telling her the truth and letting her know "what the deal is".  Women respect a man who can set boundaries.  At the same time however, setting too many boundaries is a big no-no for women.  Hell, too much of anything for a women is a bad thing.  But that's life in general, is it not? 

Method Two - is a bit like method one, however in this case, she will have her way with your emotions until she's done with you and then she WILL dump you.  Women DON'T like weakness regardless of how it's presented from a guy.  You're more likely to keep your girl if you show her that your irritated in something that she does every day, than if you give her a rose every morning and breakfast in bed (however, this DOES NOT apply in all cases.  In fact, I know many women who would enjoy that very much).  

How to counteract these methods? - It's simple.  Stand your ground.  Stop agreeing with everything she likes and get an opinion of your own.  Tell her the truth about everything when ever you can.  A man should not be with women who can't be honest with herself because that will in-turn rub off on that guy and eventually make her feel like she's dating herself (and that's never a good thing). 

Home work - learn to stand your ground.  Remember, she'll respect you if you have your own opinions, and not just the ones that she has. 

Advice - If she is repulsed by this "learning to say no" then give her some time.  If she does not accept this then she might considering a break up.  Stay with her if you please, however, don't be surprised if she cuts it off.  In that case, maybe she wasn't the one for you.   Don't try going back to her; she'll come back if she wants to. 


James Hogan
Posted on Feb 22, 2011
B W1
Posted on Feb 22, 2011