The Fugitive TV Show Collectibles Values

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The Fugitive (1963-67) is one of television's iconic series. David Janssen plays Dr. Richard Kimble, a victim of blind justice who escapes from custody while en route to the death house. Barry Morse plays his dogged pursuer Lt. Philip Gerard with Bill Rai

ABC-TV's The Fugitive aired from 1963 to 1967 producing 120 hourlong episodes. Roy Huggins was the show's creator, with David Janssen starring as Dr. Richard Kimble, a man wrongly convicted of the murder of his wife and now on the run. Other regulars were Barry Morse (Lt. Philip Gerard), William Conrad (Narrator) and Bill Raisch (Fred Johnson, the one-armed man). Here are ten valuable The Fugitive TV show collectibles that are sure to interest fans and collectors...

The Fugitive Game 

Ideal Toy Corp. produced The Fugitive Game duly marked  © 1964 QM Productions Inc. One example with mint condition contents in its original box with light wear sold at auction for $100. The object of the game is to locate the mysterious one-armed man!

The Fugitive Ideal board game $100 - Hake's American & Collectibles

David Janssen 1957 Signed Contract

An employment contract dated January 7, 1957, signed by David Janssen brought $143.40 at auction. David Janssen signed items are always in demand.

The Fugitive Television Script Collection

A collection of 15 first draft scripts from The Fugitive covering the years 1964 to 1967 sold at auction for $298.75.

The Fugitive TV scripts $298.75 - Heritage Auctions

The Fugitive, TV Guide, February 22, 1964

David Janssen as The Fugitive first appeared on the cover of TV Guide with the February 22, 1964, issue. It carries a value of $25-35 in excellent condition. 

The Fugitive, New York Journal-American TV Magazine, June 6, 1965

David Janssen graces the cover of the June 6, 1965, issue of TV Magazine, a television listings supplement put out by the New York Journal-American. Find this one in excellent condition and it could sell for $40-50.

The Fugitive TV Promotional Stills

ABC-TV and Quinn Martin produced both 8x10 and 5x7 publicity stills for use by the media of the day. They are valued at $10-20 each. 

The Fugitive, Chicago Tribune TV Week, November 12, 1966

David Janssen as Dr. Richard Kimble appears on the cover of the November 12, 1966, issue of TV Week, a television listings supplement produced by the Chicago Tribune. This one carries a value of $35-40.

The Fugitive, TV Times, August 3, 1966

David Janssen graces the cover of the August 3, 1966, issue of TV Times, a television log magazine published in Australia. Find this one from Down Under and it could sell for $25 or more. 

The Fugitive, TV Weekly, December 30, 1969

David Janssen as The Fugitive appears on the cover of the December 30, 1969, edition of TV Weekly, a television listings magazine published in New Zealand. This is a rare one, selling for over $70 in top condition. 

The Fugitive, TV Guide, August 19, 1967

David Janssen (1931-1980) and Barry Morse (1918-2008) grace the cover of the August 19, 1967, edition of TV Guide. Inside is the article: "The Fugitive: This Week He Stops Running." This issue is valued at $25-30 in decent condition. 

TV Guide 8/19/67 $25-30 - Triangle Publications, Inc.

The Fugitive TV Series Collectibles Credits

  • Auction/sales results courtesy TV Guide Specialists, Macomb, Illinois; Hake's Americana & Collectibles, York, Pennsylvania; Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Texas
  • Top image: David Janssen, left, and Barry Morse on their way to the death house - QM Productions Inc.

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