The Flying Nun TV Show Memorabilia Values

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The Flying Nun ran on ABC-TV from 1967 to 1970 starring spunky Sally Field in the title role. Marge Redmond, Madeleine Sherwood and Alejandro Rey also graced the cast. Valuable The Flying Nun TV show memorabilia includes Donruss gum cards, Dell comic book

ABC-TV's The Flying Nun soared on the television screen from 1967 to 1970 producing 81 half-hour episodes. Sally Field has the title TV sitcom role of Sister Bertrille a.k.a. "The Flying Nun," with Marge Redmond (Sister Jacqueline), Madeleine Sherwood (Reverend Mother Superior Placido), Alejandro Rey (Carlos Ramirez), Shelley Morrison (Sister Sixto) and Linda Dangcil (Sister Ana) in support. Here are ten valuable The Flying Nun collectibles that are sure to interest classic TV fans and collectors...

The Flying Nun 1968 Dell #1 Comic Book

The Flying Nun comic book series produced only four issues in 1968 before it was discontinued. A Dell comic #1 dated February 1968 in graded CGC near mint+ 9.6 condition brought $246.17 at auction. The odds of finding this comic in similar condition are extremely remote.

The Flying Nun comic #1 $246.17 - Heritage Auctions

The Flying Nun 1967 Ben Cooper Halloween Costume

Ben Cooper is the big name in children's vintage Halloween costumes. A The Flying Nun model in its original box sold at auction for a reasonable $86.

The Flying Nun 1968 Aladdin Lunchbox and Thermos

Aladdin Industries Inc. produced The Flying Nun lunchbox and thermos in 1968. One set in excellent condition sold at auction for $224.

The Flying Nun lunchbox with matching thermos $224 - Hake's Americana & Collectibles

The Flying Nun 1967 Donruss Empty Gum Card Display Box with Unopened Pack

Donruss produced The Flying Nun card set in 1967. An empty display box along with one unopened five cent pack brought $322 at auction. 

The Flying Nun empty card box with unopened pack $322 - Hake's Americana & Collectibles

The Flying Nun 1968 Milton Bradley Game

Milton Bradley produced The Flying Nun Game in 1968. Find one in excellent condition and it could be worth $50-75.

The Flying Nun Paper Doll Kit

Saalfield made The Flying Nun Paper Doll Kit in 1969. Find one of these gems near mint in its original box and count yourself $50-100 richer.

The Flying Nun 1968 Brunch Bag

A rare The Flying Nun brunch bag from 1968 in excellent condition sold at auction for $224. It bears the official licensing copyright of Screen Gems Inc. 

The Flying Nun brunch bag $224 - Hake's Americana & Collectibles

The Flying Nun, TV Guide, March 16, 1968

Sally Field and Alejandro Rey grace the cover of the March 16, 1968, edition of TV Guide. It's valued at approximately $20 in excellent condition.

TV Guide 3/16/68 $20 - Triangle Publications, Inc.

The Flying Nun, TV Guide, May 3, 1969

Sally Field and Madeleine Sherwood appear on the cover of the May 3, 1969, issue of TV Guide. Find this edition in top shape and it could be worth $25-30.

The Flying Nun Promotional Photo

Like any TV series The Flying Nun generated press photos. An original 8x10 black-and-white still picturing the entire cast sells for $10-17.

The Flying Nun TV Show Memorabilia Credits

  • Auction/sales results and values courtesy Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Texas; Hake's Americana & Collectibles, York, Pennsylvania; TV Guide Specialists, Macomb, Illinois
  • Top image: Sally Field as the aerodynamic The Flying Nun - Screen Gems Inc.

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