The Facts About Emetophobia the Extreme Fear of Vomiting

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This is an article I wrote about a phobia most people don't know about called emetophobia, the extreme fear of vomiting.

The word Emetophoboa means someone who is either very afraid of vomiting themselves or very afraid of others vomiting. But either way it can severely disable a person's life. I know what its like to have emetophobia. I've had it since I was a child. Whenever a person even complains of not feeling well, I go into a severe panic attack, petrified that they will be sick right in front of me. If a person gets carsick I get petrified to ride with that person anywhere, and I won't ride with them. I can't visit hospitals where its very common to see someone getting sick and going anywhere near amusement parks are completely out of the question. I avoid sports at all costs to avoid injuries that will send me to the ER, where vomiting is very common.

Emetophobia can affect almost every aspect of a person's life from eating to even being around people. Alot of women with this phobia will avoid getting pregnant. Some fear morning sickness while others fear caring for a sick child once the baby is born.

Most Emetophobics are petrified of visiting anyone in the hospital, even if its a close family member. If he or she will have to visit someone at the hospital and has no choice about going, all through the hospital visit, he or she will try to avoid looking at the other patients there, and if he or she spots a patient with a bowl near his mouth, he or she will be unable to stop himself from checking on that person with the bowl. He or she will panic at every cough and keep asking over and over again if everything is OK. During all this the person is becoming more and more anxious by the minute. His heart is racing and he is feeling sick and panicky himself. This is what it feels like for an emetophobic in other situations too such as when a person is getting carsick or airsick, or when someone has the stomach flu, or when someone gets sick in the middle of class.

Emetophobia is a very secret phobia. Alot of people have never even heard of this phobia, including doctors, yet it is one of the most common phobia's around. Its actually the fifth most common phobia in the world.  Alot of people are embarrassed that they have a phobia like this. Some don't even realize that there's a name to their phobia.

Also, alot of emetophobics are seen by other people as just being ridiculous, like being afraid of a certain letter, or being afraid of a rainbow or the wind.

ALL people with Emetophobia want to be normal and be like everybody else. They do not want this fear, they don't like it.

Some people only have mild emetophobia. They can still hold down a job and live a normal and happy life. But there are others who have it so severely that they can't even leave their homes.

I feel that it is very important for more people to know about emetophobia. It is such a secret phobia that more people need to know about it, and that is why i've written this article, to educate more people about this phobia.