The Dummies Guide To Telling Military Time

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Telling military time and clock time.

I decided to respond to one of our community's question regarding understanding military time.  In particular, the question regarding what would be the normal person's telling of the time is 1508 hours. (or something like that).  My understanding is (and if I am wrong please tell me) that militiary time starts with 12 o'clock p.m. or noon.  That would be 1200 hours in military time.  You don't have to worry about a.m. or p.m. with military time since you are using a different calibration of time. 1 o'clock is 1300 hours.  2 o'clock is 1400 hours.  3 o'clock is 1500 hours. 

That would mean that 1508 hours military time is more easily understood by those who use the a.m. and p.m. clock as being 3 o'clock and 8 minutes or 3:08 p.m. 

That is my answer to the question of what regular people's time calculation is 1508 military time.  We can finish our discourse on military time by going all around the clock. 

1600 hours is 4 o'clock.  1700 hours is 5 o'clock.  1800 hours is 6 o'clock.  1900 hours is 7 o'clock.  2000 (pronounced 2 hundred hours) hours is 8 o'clock.  2100 (prounced 21 hundred hours) hours is 9 o'clock.  2200 hours is 10 o'clock.  2300 hours is 11 o'clock.  2400 hours is 12 o'clock also known as midnight. We now start with the morning hours.  2500 hours is 1 o'clock in the morning.  2600 is 2 o'clock.  2700 hours is 3 o'clock.  2800 is 4 o'clock.  2900 is 5 o'clock.  3000 ( pronounced 3 hundred hours) hours is 6 o'clock.  3100 hours is 7 o'clock.  3200 hours is 8 o'clock.  3300 hours is 9 o'clock.  3400 hours is 10 o'clock.  3500 hours is 11 0'clock.  Each of the 24 hours of the day is numbered with its own number. 

Telling time has been mankind's favorite form of mental excercise since the Ptolemy's devised the first clock.  Personally, I am a student of Emmanuel Kant who very succintly explained to us that it is not "time that passes but that we pass through time".  Or, maybe I just paraphrased my teacher. 

Returning to the question at hand about clock time and military time, another good question to ask is when did military time first start, who started it, what was it started to do, why was it invented, who invented it and can one buy a military wrist clock on Amazon. I think such a gift would be great for those who are in the military and are having a hard time deciding what time it is from what they are being told is the time.  I mean, 1508 hours would be 8 minutes past 3 in the morning.  What if someone thought it was 8 minutes and 3 in the evening or 2008 (pronounced 20-8 hundred hours).  They might miss a date. 

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Posted on May 6, 2014