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The Drizzt Novels: The Legacy by R.A. Salvatore

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The Legacy is the seventh book in the Legend of Drizzt series by R.A. Salvatore. It Takes place in The forgotten realms fantasy setting from Wizards of the Coast.
   The Legacy is the seventh book in the Legend of Drizzt series by R.A. Salvatore. Originally published in 1992 it was TSR’s first hardcover book. It was rereleased by Wizards of the Coast in 2006. Within three weeks of its first release the book went to #1 on the New York Times best selling list and the funny thing is the book almost didn’t get written. After Salvatore finished Sojourn, the third book of the Dark Elf Trilogy, he wanted to write a book about a monk in the Forgotten Realms. After he pitched the book, TSR said they wanted a book about a cleric instead. So Salvatore created a whole new set of characters in a different part of the realms and began writing what would become the five books of The Cleric Quintet. In the meantime the fans were inundating TSR with requests for more Drizzt. To his fans benefit, R.A.Salvatore agreed to revisit the Drizzt story line and created the landmark book, The Legacy.

          Fig #1 Original Hardcover Art

A word about the original cover. It’s a good thing that there was already a strong Drizzt following when this book came out, because I don’t know what TSR was thinking when they approved this cover art. What’s with the gold plate on his head and his huge chops, wow. Aren’t dark elves supposed to be , I don’t know…dark? He looks white, weird.

Spoiler Alert - Stop Reading if you don’t want to know more. Go to the bottom of the article for more review.

                            Fig #2 New cover art by Todd Lockwood

     Regis is back and Mithril Hall is buzzing with the preparations for the wedding of Wulfgar and Catti-brie. Though Catti-brie is worried because Wulfgar is acting out of sorts, Catti-brie has always been his equal he is struggling with his cultural beliefs of a woman’s place in his society. A large group of goblins is detected close to the hall in a tunnel rich in mithril. Bruenor, the companions and clan Battlehammer go out to fight the goblins. The fight is intense but the victory is swift. Unbeknownst to Drizzt, there are dark elf spies in the battle area looking for him.

      Things are getting back to normal when a small group of expeditionary miners goes missing in the lower tunnels of Mithril Hall. Drizzt and Regis go out into the tunnels to investigate only to find that a large group of dark elves, including Jarlaxle and his sister Vierna, have come to Mithril hall to capture him. As if that’s not bad enough Regis turns out to be Drizzt’s arch enemy, Artemis Entreri. They capture Drizzt and begin to take him back to Menzoberranzan to be sacrificed to Lloth the spider queen. Bruenor and company figure out what has happened and start out after Drizzt right away.

      Artemis Entreri has struck a deal with the Drow, for leading them to Drizzt he gets to battle him in one on one combat, to finish what they started and to see once and for all who is better. The companions of the hall catch up to the Drow during the battle and in the ensuing confusion, Drizzt escapes to the lower tunnels. As The companion’s fight to find their missing comrade Drizzt, Vierna begins to doubt whether or not they will be able to recapture Drizzt and calls on The Spider Queen for help. Meanwhile Artemis has convinced the Drow to let him go after Drizzt who he leads to a ledge outside the tunnels for a final fight. Drizzt finds Regis in bad shape in the tunnels and takes him along, when he encounters Artemis and they prepare to duel. As Drizzt and Artemis battle to the death, Wulfgar and Catti-brie face a hand maiden of Lloth, a Yolchol. Wulfgar single handedly battles the Yolchol to save his friends but the monster proves too much for him, so while still in the jaws of the Yolchol Wulfgar uses his mighty war hammer Aegis Fang to bring the ceiling of the cavern down on the both of them.

      After a long battle Drizzt finally manages to defeat Entreri and he and Regis make their way back into the tunnels. Drizzt finds Vierna and Jarlaxle and defeats them in battle. Drizzt has avoided the wrath of his people but he has paid a heavy price. Wulfgar is lost to them. Bruenor recovers Aegis Fang from the rubble of the cavern and they all return to Mithril Hall. There will be no wedding in the hall and the companions spirit is broken by the loss they have suffered. Regis heads out into the mountains and finds Entreri, who is unbelievably still alive. He recovers his pendant and the magical mask from Entreri before sealing Entreri’s fate.


       This book is the first in the Legacy of the Drow books which is followed by Starless Night, Siege of Darkness and Passage to Dawn. The Legacy story line pick up right where The Halfling’s Gem left off (for that review see my article on the subject by clicking on the link - knoji.com/the-drizzt-novels-the-halflings-gem-by-ra-salvatore/). Legacy is a dark novel of loss and betrayal. The writing is everything we have come to expect from R.A. Salvatore but as it was written several years after the Icewind Dale trilogy, both Salvatore and his writing style has matured. The entire story takes place in the caverns of the Underdark near Mithril Hall, whereas his previous Drizzt novels have spanned the far reaches of the Forgotten Realms. We are introduced to Pwent an undisciplined and frenetic fighter (Bob’s words) who is a welcome addition to the cast of players in Mithril Hall. As good as this story is, it lacks some of the charm and touching moments of the previous books. Don’t get me wrong it is a must read but it is not a feel good novel like Sojourn was. I have my original first edition copy in the hopes that I am able to get R.A. Salvatore to sign it, even though the cover art is crappy. This was also the first book that TSR put out as a book on tape.The fact that legacy was on the New York Times best selling list for so long has cemented Drizzt’s place in the annals of science fiction fantasy right along with the greatest fantasy characters of all time.



Posted on Sep 11, 2010
Pamela Shirkey
Posted on Sep 11, 2010

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