The Different Types of Archeological Excavation

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Archeology is an important field that gives you a good idea about the past and the cultures that existed before this time, in order to accomplish this, they will use archeological excavation as a tool to find artifacts. This article teaches you about the

Archeologists have many techniques at their disposal to help them to preserve artifacts and to record the area for later researchers. One of the most popular ways to do this is through Archeological Excavation, this process includes an invasive procedure of digging down into the Earth to find artifacts and other evidences that will help the researching archeologist reach a conclusion about past cultures that helps them to develop historical events. Archeological Excavation has two different types that are used when using this technique.

The first technique is called research excavation; this is where a team of scientists will dig up an area at their own pace. It involves taking their time to ensure that all procedures are done properly and no stone left unturned. The site size will determine how much money donated to this cause and the amount of researchers needed to complete the project. This type of excavation is usually used for educational purposes and in some cases may be done by societies that are privately owned, for the purpose of preserving history of the area.


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Posted on Feb 25, 2011
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Posted on Feb 17, 2011