The Different Types of Brown Bears

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There are many different kinds of brown bears. They can all be dangerous if cornered or if a female has a cub. The Kodiak is the largest of the brown bears. They can weigh as much as 1,500 pounds. The grizzly bear is the best known of the brown bers.

Brown bears are found in parts of the United States, Asia, Europe, Canada and Russia.  They live in the mountains, low land and near rivers.  Brown bears are not always brown in color and they can be found in blonde and black.  Male brown bears can be 7 feet tall and weight as much as 700 pounds.  The females will be around 5 to 6 feet tall and weight about 350 pounds.

Brown bears like to be left alone.  They will hibernate in the winter for 4 to 7 months.  They will find a cave for this purpose and sometimes they will dig a hole in the side of a hill to make a suitable place for them to hibernate.

The best way to tell brown bears from the other types of bears is by the large hump on their shoulder.  This hump is there because their muscles are highly developed because of all the digging they do.  Their front claws are claws are very long so they can dig.  They also use their long claws to catch fish.  Brown bears eat plants, seeds, bulbs, berries and roots and they will eat insects, fish and small mammals.

The grizzly bears that live in the Canadian Rockies supplement their normal diet by killing moose, caribou and mountain goats.  A male grizzly bear in this area can reach 1,500 pounds when he becomes an adult.

Brown bears will usually go out of their way to avoid people. They will attack if cornered or if a female has a cub.  Attacks by brown bears on people are very rare. They will seek out food that is left out by campers.

The grizzly bear is the best known of the brown bears.  The grizzly bears can be found in the U.S. and Canada.  The Kodiak bear is the largest of the brown bears and you will find him in Alaska, Canada and Russia.  You will find the Himalayan Brown Bears in the Himalayan Mountains.  You will find the Marsican Brown Bear in Italy and Switzerland.  The Middle East is where the Syrian Brown Bears live. Japanis home to the Hokkaido Brown Bear.

The size of brown bears varies a great deal and it will depend on their sex, age and where they live.  A brown bear is usually 5 ½ to 9 feet long.  The smallest of the group is the European brown bear.  A grown female will weigh around 200 pounds.  Grizzly bears that live in Alaska can weigh as little as 220 pounds.  The Kodiak brown bear and the Siberian brown bear are the largest.  A male Kodiak brown bear will stand over 9 ½ feet and weigh as much as 1,500 pounds.  It is claimed that there was one brown bear that weight over 2,500 pounds.

It does not matter how big brown bears are they can be dangerous so stay away from them.