The Dangers Of Bleaching Your Skin

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Many people want to get lighter skin, or to cover up a dark patch or blemish on one patch of their body, and there are many products out there to fill this need. However, some of these products can be very dangerous, or have side effects which can last a

The first thing to work out if you are thinking of bleaching your skin is why do you want to do it? You may have a dark spot, or uneven patch of skin somewhere, or you may just want a complete change from your current skin color to an all white complexion. 

In most cases, you will become completely white, and there are many chemicals which can do that, but you must be aware that it's not like bleaching clothes in a wash. 

The human skin is very sensitive, and the right chemicals must be used, and applied in the right way, being very careful to avoid contact with sensitive areas such as the eyes. 

Some of the dangerous chemicals you should avoid are any product containing trace amounts of mercury, (as the deadly effects of mercury are well known), and also anything containing hydroquinone, and any product that suggests you take a pill orally to get a whitening effect. 

There may possibly be ways to stop your skin from producing melanin through taking a pill, but that would be very unhealthy, and not recommended at all. It's most likely that it just won't work at all. 

The hydroquinone chemical was used in prescription creams, and still is, but it has been banned by many European countries including England, as it has terrible side effects such as ochronosis when used for long periods of time. 

How Long Do You Need To Use A Skin Whitening Product?

You cannot avoid using a skin whitening products for a long period of time if you want the effects to last permanently, as the skin is always growing new layers and replacing itself. 

Therefore, you need a chemical cream that is both safe, and effective when used in the right way over a lifetime. The best active ingredients are those which have been used over the counter for years without any huge problems. 

They are arbutin and glycolic acid. There are some other chemicals like kojic acid, but that's in the same family, and not as effective. 

Arbutin is a mild form of hydroquinone, or it is what hydroquinone is derived from, but in it's mild form, it does not have the same bad side effects, and when combined with glycolic acid, it forms the perfect mixture for safe skin bleaching without and troubles. 

You still need to be careful to follow the instructions to the letter, and you don't want to get that stuff in your eyes, it's a powerful bleaching mixture, and it's a life changing decision to make the change from black to white, or light brown to white. 

The important thing to remember is that you do your research on a company carefully, follow the instructions carefully, seek a second opinion from a doctor, and avoid those terrible products containing mercury and hydroquinone. 

Safe skin whitening requires getting the best advice, the best products, and taking care to maintain and take care of your skin over time.