The Complications of High Blood Pressure

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Millions of people have been suffering from Hypertension for a very long time including teenagers and children. The symptoms are hard to detect and many people fail to realize that they actually suffer from the condition.

Millions of people have been suffering from Hypertension for a very long time including teenagers and children. The symptoms are hard to detect and many people fail to realize that they actually suffer from the condition.

What is systolic and diastolic blood pressure!

Blood pressure always appears as two fractions. The top fraction number is the systolic blood pressure which communicates when the heart is beating and the bottom fraction number is the diastolic pressure that measures the blood pressure when the heart relaxes. Once both the systolic and diastolic pressures rise, the risk of many health problems increases. Suffering from high blood pressure for long periods of time is the cause of health complications which is why it is important to diagnose the condition as soon as possible and minimise the risks.

How is blood pressure measured?

A blood pressure cuff is used to measure blood pressure. The cuff is placed around the upper arm and is exaggerated with an air pump. This blocks the flow of blood in the brachial artery in the arm. The doctor then releases the cuff gradually and the blood flow resumes. This is when the doctor listens to the pulsation from the artery which is the systolic pressure and the diastolic pressure is measured when the pulse comes to a stop.

Complications of Hypertension!

Like I mentioned earlier, the pressure on the artery walls caused by high blood pressure can damage the blood vessels and the organs in the body. Below is a list of complications that high blood pressure can cause.

Damage to the arteries:

1) Arteriosclerosis!

High blood pressure damages the cells in your arteries. Fats from your diet enter the bloodstream and pass through the damaged cells. This leads to harder and thicker artery walls known as Arteriosclerosis which can block the blood flow to the heart, causing many health problems including chest pains, heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure, stroke, peripheral arterial disease and aneurysms.

2) Aneurysms!

Constant blood flowing through a damaged artery causes a section of its wall to swell and cause Aneurysm which can break at any time and cause life threatening internal bleeding. Unfortunately, all arteries are at risk from Aneurysm particularly the largest one in the aorta.

Damage to the heart:

1) Coronary artery disease!

When arteries are narrowed by coronary artery disease, it stops the blood flowing through your arteries and to the heart which can lead to chest pains, heart attacks and arrhythmia. Those who suffer from heart attacks while suffering from hypertension are at a higher risk of fatality than those who suffer from heart attacks without the condition.

2) Heart failure!

High blood pressure causes your heart to work harder around your body. This has a disastrous affect as it can eventually weaken the heart muscles, causing a heart failure.

Damage to the brain:

1) Stroke!

Stroke can arise from a number of causes. One cause of stroke may occur from the lack of blood flow to the brain because of blocked arteries. A second cause may occur from a brain haemorrhage which is a leakage of blood. As a result of these causes, the brain fails to function properly. This leads to several complications and death.

2) Dementia!

Dementia is a disease that affects the brain in several ways. It can easily impair many parts of the body including numbness in some parts of the body, speaking and understanding difficulties and vision problems. This disease is likely to occur when the supply of blood is lost when arteries are blocked or the blood flow to the brain is continuously interrupted.


The complications of Hypertension are life threatening. Yet, it is safe to treat the condition as soon as possible by examining the symptoms. If you are suffering from similar symptoms including chest pains, vision problems and other difficulties, it is best to contact your doctor before it is too late.

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