The Color Psychology and Color Symbolisms In Our Daily Lives

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The psychology of color and the the different meanings of colors and how it affects human behaviour and our daily lives is an interesting subject worth looking at.

Who would think that a person’s color preference is part of color psychology? Moreover, who amongst us are aware that psychologists have been using people’s color preferences to study human psychological state and behavior? In the 1940’s, Max Luscher invented the Luscher Color Test to determine a person’s stress level and psychological state based on his/her color preferences. In fact, the test was so well received that Mr. Luscher was hired by several international companies to give his color advice. The Luscher Test was also translated in over 30 languages worldwide. Up to today, industries hire color specialists to help them determine the color palette that will help them sell their products and services more.

Colors are parts of our everyday lives. Most people choose colors for their wardrobe, for their houses and rooms, for furniture, for bedding, for towels and everything else because their choice is a favorite shade or simply because the shade attracts them at the moment of choice. But each of these colors lie a meaning to it.

The Red Energy and Human Aura

Red is the color of blood. As such, it symbolizes life, vitality, power, a strong desire to win and have possessions, survival instinct, and the desire for success.

If your favorite color is red, you are competitive and ambitious. You like to be the center of attention. Because of this, you are focused on results and success.

The Pink Energy and Human Aura

Pink combines the intense energy of RED and WHITE’s purity. It is a symbol of understanding and sympathy.

A pink person has an affectionate and loving nature.

The Brown Energy and Human Aura

Brown is a combination of red, blue, and yellow and can have many tones that can produce different effect. It is a versatile shade that blends into many surroundings. The red energy in brown gives practicality while the yellow and blue energies add mental focus, Brown, being an earth color, can be a stabilizing color that gives a feeling of solidity.However, too much brown creates a dull effect. It allows one to stay in the background unnoticed.

Most shades of brown creates warmth, comfortable wholesomeness and dependability. Hence, a person who likes brown is known to be down to earth, honest, and lives a regular structured life.

The Yellow Energy and Human Aura

symbolizes wisdom, joy, and happiness. It signifies vitality, communication and spontaneity. Like the energy of the sun, this color brings clarity and awareness. It is believed that highly intellectual people favor the color yellow.


If your favorite color is yellow, you likes to be active and involved in life. If you are a yellow person, you are perceived to have a stimulating personality and an interesting mind who appreciates anything new and modern.

The Green Energy and Human Aura

Green ,being the color of nature, fertility and life, is known to be the most restful color. It is the color of balance. The green color symbolizes self-respect, well-being, learning, growth, and harmony. Green also often symbolizes money. Green contains the energy of nature, hence, it also contains the energy to sustain changes and transformation.

Well-balanced people are believed to favor the color green. A person who likes green is benevolent and service-oriented, sensitive, and artistic.

The Blue Energy and Human Aura

Blue is the color of the sky, the ocean, and twilight. It is the coolest color that symbolizes inspiration, sincerity, and spirituality. Hence, blue is a calming color and is often chosen by conservative people. This color gives the feeling of distance that allows people to look beyond and increase one’s perspective outward

Light blue symbolizes good imagination, creativity and practicality in life. A person who likes the color light blue is sensitive and perceptive, with great analytical abilities for problem solving.

On the other hand, dark blue is a serious color. Hence, if your favorite color is dark blue, you have deep feelings, intelligent and self-reliant. You are not afraid to take responsibilities and make decisions.

The White Energy and Human Aura

Contrary to popular belief, WHITE is not a color, but a complete fusion of all the colors. Because of this, the “color” white stands for wholeness and completion. This color also represents openness, truth and clarity.

If your favorite color is white, this means you have a well-balanced, positive quality.

The Black Energy and Human Aura

Black, like white, is not a color, but instead, the absence of all colors. This color is known to absorb all aspects of light. On a positive note, black is seen as a mysterious sense of restful emptiness which provides the emergence of potentials and possibilities. However, the negative side of black is linked to hidden, fearful or bad experience and the unknown or unseen. Hence, in times of fear and uncertainty, black contains the energy of the threatening unknown. Black also indicates authority and protection of one’s own aims.

If your favorite color is black, this means that you are disciplined and strong-willed. It also indicates your powerful personality and confidence.

Colors surround us everywhere. They are part of our everyday lives. It may be worthwhile to take some time to study them, enjoy them and feel the energy these colors exude and how they affect us.


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