The Cast of The Movie The Truman Show

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Premiering in 1998, The Truman Show was a dramatic film about Truman Burbank, whose entire life was a reality show that he didn’t know he was in. Learn more about the talented individuals that made up the cast of The Truman Show.

Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) was a quiet and friendly man who greeted everyone he met with a smile and an honest hello. Little did Truman know that he was part of the most elaborate reality television show ever created, and he had no idea he was on it. Ever since Truman was a baby his life had been broadcast twenty-four hours a day to a loyal following of viewers. Everything in Truman’s world was scripted down to the location of the people throughout the city. Even his wife Meryl (Laura Linney) was an actor being paid to be Truman’s loving companion.

As Truman got older his hunger to explore the outside world grew. When he started inquiring with his family and friends about venturing out into the world they found every reason to tell him to stay. Truman began to examine his world a bit more closely and realized that everything was not quite as it seemed. Truman’s journey ended up being just the finale that his reality story needed.

The Truman Show would not have been nearly as successful without the talented cast. Below we will explore some of the actors and who played these memorable roles.

Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank

Jim Carrey plays to lead role of honest and eager Truman Burbank. Because of his success, The Truman Show would be the first of many Jim Carrey drama movies produced. The character of Truman Burbank was the perfect stepping stone for Carrey into the world of dramatic acting. Just prior to The Truman Show Jim Carrey was part of the Liar Liar movie cast where he played Fletcher Reede.

Ed Harris as Christof

Ed Harris is brilliant as Christof who is the director of Truman’s world. From a control room high atop the dome where Truman resides, Christof directs all of the actors and scripts in real time, as Truman is free to make his own choices. Prior to his role as Christof, Ed Harris played Seth Frank in the film Absolute Power released in 1997.

Laura Linney as Meryl Burbank & Hannah Gill

Laura Linney played Meryl Burbank who had the most difficult job in Truman’s world, his wife. Meryl loved Truman as much as she could but there were times in the story when she just wanted to walk away from the whole reality show. Linney was brilliant as Meryl and was a great match for Carrey. Laura Linney performed the role of Kate Whitney in Absolute Power with Ed Harris prior to The Truman Show.

Noah Emmerich as Marlon

Noah Emmerich play Truman’s best friend Marlon who is required to talk Truman out of a lot of his ambitious plans in order to keep him within the dome of the acting set. Marlon plays a very convincing role sticking with his part all the way until the final scene. Noah played the role of Red in the 1998 film Monument Ave. prior to taking the role of Marlon.

Other notable cast members of The Truman Show are:

Paul Giamatti as Control Room Director

Natascha McElhone as Lauren / Sylvia

Adam Tomei as Control Room Director

Holland Taylor as Truman's Mother

Brian Delate as Truman's Father

Harry Shearer as Mike Michaelson

Blair Slater as Young Truman

Peter Krause as Lawrence

Heidi Schanz as Vivien

Ron Taylor as Ron

Don Taylor as Don

Ted Raymond as Spencer

Judy Clayton as Travel Agent

The Truman Show was very successful film and a great door in dramatic acting roles for Jim Carrey. If you want to discover more Jim Carrey movies check out the entire Jim Carrey filmography to see all of the roles in his twenty-five plus year acting career.


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