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The Bright Future of Solar Engineering Power Part Six

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Making solar energy economical may be the single biggest environmental accomplishment of human existence since the Industrial Revolution. The fundamental stages and applications of solar engineering have evolved quickly over the previous decade.

While some of the possibilities outlined in this collection of research and opinion may occur over time if given the chance there is one certainty. The certainty is that the sun has provided an unharnessed and powerful resource for millions of years. Now we have methods to capture these rays and apply them to our own benefit. There is great promise and opportunity with the discoveries that have been made thus far. Knowing that improvements can be made should trigger the ethics of putting this knowledge into productive actions.

When you consider that the value of clean air, abundant energy, and the hidden costs of fossil fuels it is important to find ways to bring solar energy to the forefront of the renewable resource movement. Reducing carbon dioxide gas emissions can help curve the 25 percent increase we have seen over the past 150 years, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists. The potential reduction of political tension can help our own national security and our national identity as we lead a solar movement to be an example for the world once again.

Aside from all of these issues of productivity comes the moral implication to do something now that we know we can make a change. Understanding the possibilities unlocked by the solar energy progression of technology is something that should not go ignored. As the hourglass turns out the last few decades of fossil fuel burning to a large extent it is time to put our knowledge to good use to set a better path for our energy future.

I also contend that the contribution of more research and development will spur even further technology to increase the efficiency and beneficial nature of this form of energy. The systems, capacity, costs, and effects could all likely benefit from a little more scientific research and support from some of the businesses that currently back millions of dollars to the current methods of energy harvesting. The current pace of burning fossil fuels and scarring the earth will not keep up with the growing population and increased demand. The sun is the main viable light to shine towards a brighter energy future.

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