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The Bright Future of Solar Engineering Power Part Four

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Making solar energy economical may be the single biggest environmental accomplishment of human existence since the Industrial Revolution. The fundamental stages and applications of solar engineering have evolved quickly over the previous decade.

If commercial production of solar powers ever reached the level possible by the abundance of the source there is reason to believe that the risk of nuclear weapons proliferation would also decrease. Engineer researcher Yogi Goswami predicts that competitive renewable resources might over time reduce the incentives to build large scale structures that support nuclear energy. This reduction would about the major hikes in production and transport that also might be diverted to nuclear weapons production (91). The independence of national energy producers like oil and gasoline would lead to a more secure and stable energy supply.

Ethically speaking there are very few sound arguments against the solar energy movement. Some of these arguments include the pollution stemming from production and installation of solar panels, noise during the construction, land displacement, and the visual intrusion of seeing the panels after they are installed. It seems as though the challenges are aesthetical and do not have any solid foundation in technical merit. On the other hand, the vast amount of land and earth depletion caused by the burning of fossil fuels and status quo conditions are causing irreparable damage.

Russell Martin suggests that the solar movement can also do much to quell the worries of man made global warming and climate change and that reducing emissions is something even a non believer in those principles could agree with. Renewable energy use does not produce the same rate of greenhouse gases that have caused the immense impact on the earth as scientists are increasingly agreeing with (Martin, 17). There would also be a great amount of land restoration from the degraded lands being exploited for oil and gas and these regions would begin to recondition with weathering overtime to once again be part of rural development. This land recovery can be committed to other resources or used for any number of purposes after enough time has passed for it to recover its viability for productive use.

Having a diverse fuel supply would be a great benefit to the economics of our energy consumption. Our over reliance on OPEC and gasoline producers puts us on unfriendly terms with producing nations which can set the price of gas on a whim and cause Americans to pay more on the dollar because of global politics. Being able to decide on multiple options for transportation and vehicles gives power back to the consumers and to the average citizen. Production of energy at home is also a resource than can be sold and exported. This grows our own gross domestic product and makes each individual fuel less important by creating a blend of fuel technologies.



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