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The Bright Future of Solar Engineering Power Part Five

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Making solar energy economical may be the single biggest environmental accomplishment of human existence since the Industrial Revolution. The fundamental stages and applications of solar engineering have evolved quickly over the previous decade.

The challenges of investing in solar are largely the difficulties of fighting change altogether. The gas and electric companies have billions of dollars of equipment that was invested to deliver today’s technologies and these are not quickly abandoned. Michael Boxwell describes the feelings of insecurity over a similarly structured solar grid because of the absence of the sun in many regions and the challenges of harnessing solar power in colder climates (9).

In these colder climates it has still been tested that electric bills can be reduced or balanced by the use of solar panels. While it is unlikely to generate enough to power a home, upkeep costs are low after installation and the rewards reduce the reliance on traditional power sources. Reducing pollution is one of the main ethical solutions that solar development aids. The emissions of pollution and acid deposition would be dramatically less than the current energy equation provides. With population trending upwards and resources trending downwards it is time to look ahead to begin balancing our dependence before we reach a point of no return. We are in a period of time where we can plan and begin investing for infrastructure that will serve many generations to come instead of backing services that are profitable and useful in the modern day focus.

The government needs to look into solar research as a long term solution to be brought in gradually to replace the dwindling resources currently being exploited for energy use in America. Governments around the world should do the same and sooner would be better than later in terms of economics and ethics. As one engineer researcher puts it, “Government regulations should be careful to ensure that investments in new generating equipment are consistent with renewable-intensive future plans” (Kalogirou, 6). Failing to plan for the future of energy demands and resources is a plan to fail as fossil fuel rates will deplete to the point of failure for all who depend on finite resources.

Engineers have been working on solar power and understand the potential benefits. These same researchers may not have the time or wherewithal to convince society as a whole that there should be more focus on the potential of solar power. This fact results in a misunderstood picture of solar power that has been tainted by the media and lobbyists of the big energy companies of the present. The put downs and smear campaigns of bulbs being barely lit by a solar panel at a fourth grade science fair are vastly outdated. The new discoveries require a new look at how solar energy can be addressed in the future and can have a major impact on how our energy picture is drawn for this next century.



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