The Best Hospitals in the World (Outside the US)

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Here are the “best and most outstanding” hospitals from around the world. These are the most advanced and with the state-of-the-art hospitals in the world.

Some of the most excellent hospitals in the world outside the United States can be found in Europe and a few can be found in Asia and Australia.

Here are the “best and most outstanding” hospitals from around the world. These are the most advanced and with the state-of-the-art hospitals in the world.

Bumrungrad Medical Center: Bangkok, Thailand

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One of the most outstanding hospitals in Asia and probably in the world is Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. This multiple-specialty medical center’s name means “care for the people”.

Bumrungrad International Hospital is described as a “one-stop” center for medical services - especially for surgery procedures.

Outstanding features:

  • It has 554 beds, 33 specialty centers, and more than 1,000 doctors representing virtually all specialties and sub specialties of medicine.
  • Availability of modern and efficient facilities for dental, general and specialty medicine, advanced diagnostics and therapeutics, surgical services, intensive care and rehabilitation.
  • The hospital is managed by a team of experienced hospital administrators from the USA, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, and the UK.
  • Other top medical officers were trained in the UK and in the USA.
  • It is Southeast Asia’s largest private medical center.
  • It is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world.

Matilda Hospital: Hong Kong, China

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Another outstanding and sophisticated hospital in the world located in Asia is the Matilda International Hospital. This modern hospital in Hong Kong is beautifully situated on “The Peak” on Hong Kong Island.

  • It is a not-for-profit hospital serving all the people of Hong Kong and the wider region.
  • It provides four core services: maternity, surgical, health assessment and health services.
  • A modern clinic was opened in the Central area of Hong Kong in commemoration of the hospital’s centenary celebration in 2007.

Parkway Holdings: Singapore

Parkway Holdings is based in Singapore. One of the most remarkable hospitals operated by Parkway Holdings is Gleneagles Hospital and Medical Center

Gleaneagles Hospital and Medical Center

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One of the best hospitals in Southeast Asia is Gleneagles Hospital and Medical Centre in Singapore. It is owned and operated by Parkway Health Care, the largest health care provider in Southeast Asia.

  • This private hospital has a 380-bed capacity.
  • It provides medical and surgical services.
  • This tertiary care hospital has a ten-storey building with 150 medical specialists.

Parkway Holdings operates 16 more hospitals with more than 3,000 beds in Asia, as well as patient assistance centers throughout the world.

It has an extensive network across Asia, Europe and the Middle East with Parkway Health Patient Assistance Centers (PPAC) in Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.

It has a team of over 1,200 accredited specialists covering 40 different specialties committed to its vision to be a global leader in value-based integrated healthcare.

The American Hospital of Paris: France

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The American Hospital of Paris is one of the best hospitals in the world. This private and not-for-profit institution, which was founded in 1906, is located in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, France.

Notable features:

  • It has 187 surgical, medical, and obstetric beds.
  • It has an extensive Ancillary Services Department, equipped with the latest diagnostic and treatment material.
  • It has 150 physicians in the Outpatient Consultation Department which cover every major medical and surgical specialty.
  • Experienced emergency care physicians provide immediate care to patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on its Emergency Department.
  • The hospital’s medical staff includes more than 500 physicians and surgeons credentialed by the Hospital through a thorough and strict selection process.
  • It is the only civilian hospital in Europe accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).
  • The American Hospital of Paris relies solely on the generosity of its private and corporate donors from all nations.

The London Clinic: United Kingdom

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Another hospital that provides high quality service is the London Clinic, a private healthcare organization based in London, UK. This world-famous hospital is a registered charity in the United Kingdom and had a gross income of £75million in 2006, making it one of the 100 largest charities in the UK.

St Luke’s Medical Center: Philippines

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St. Luke’s medical center in Quezon City Philippines is certainly the best in the country. This independent, non-sectarian and non-profit hospital is one of the most progressive hospitals not only in the Philippines but in the entire Asia.

  • St. Luke’s Medical Center is definitely the best in the Philippines.
  • The hospital has a bed capacity of 660.
  • It is home to 10 institutes, 13 departments, and 22 Centers of Excellence.
  • It has a five-storey parking building, 6 restaurants, 10 apartelle units for out-of-town families of patients and 14 residential units at the top floor.
  • St. Luke’s College of Medicine is also located in the compound
  • It is the country’s undisputed leader in the fields of cardiovascular medicine, neurology and neurosurgery, and cancer.
  • It is the first choice of medical and health-related practitioners and patients for executive check-ups.
  • St. Luke’s Medical Center-Bonifacio Global City is now open to public.

Hirslanden Group: Zurich, Switzerland

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Hirslanden Group is one of the best healthcare providers in the world. It is Switzerland’s largest private healthcare provider operating 13 hospitals in the country.

  • Hirslanden provides the highest standards of Swiss medical competence.
  • The Hirslanden Group offers visitors an innovative holiday dialysis service through a centralized booking facility.
  • It has a high ratio of doctors to patients and an efficient, state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures good basic medical care.

Klinik Hirslanden

  • Klinik Hirslanden is the flagship hospital of the Hirslanden Group.
  • This modern hospital invests heavily in the latest medical technologies and recently established Switzerland’s first CyberKnife radiosurgery unit.
  • Klinik Hirslanden provides the full range of medical specialties, backed up by impressive intensive care facilities, including individual units for patients who require them.

Hospital Punta Pacifica: Panama City, Panama

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Hospital Punta Pacifica in Panama City is considered as one of the best hospitals because it is managed by the best hospital in the United States – John Hopkins Hospital. It is actually the only hospital in Latin America operated by John Hopkins.

Wales Hospital Private Hospital: Sydney, Australia

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One of the best hospitals in Australia is the - Prince of Wales Private Hospital in Sydney. The Hospital offers a large range of acute health care services. Prince of Whales private Hospital is collocated on the Randwick Hospitals Campus.

  • It has 168 overnight beds and specializes in Cardiac surgery, Neurosurgery, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Maternity and Pediatrics.
  • It offers comprehensive acute care services in a modern and well-equipped facility.
  • It has an 8 bed Intensive Care Unit staffed by experienced specialized nurses and medical officers.
  • Prince of Wales Private Hospital shares the campus with Prince of Wales Public Hospital, Royal Hospital for Women and Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Rudolfinerhaus: Vienna, Austria

Rudolfinerhaus is a private hospital located Vienna, Austria. It is among the most modern and most beautiful clinics in Austria. This hospital is unique to which patients may bring their physician of choice, who remains in charge of the patient’s care throughout their stay. It is a well established first class hospital and enjoys an excellent international reputation in matters of technical equipment, new developments and improvements.

Vienna Rudolfinerhaus offers the ff diagnostics and therapy:

  • -open magnetic resonance tomograph (with 360 degrees all-side look-out)
  • -Nuclear medicine
  • - Minimally-invasive tumor therapy
  • -Pre-care Check-ups
  • -Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • -Heart Center > diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases; including non-invasive and invasive angiography and heart surgery
  • -Plastic and cosmetic surgery
  • -Orthopedics (including total endoprosthetics)
  • -Minimally-invasive pain therapy
  • -Urology
  • -Ophthalmic surgery

ABC Medical Center: Mexico City, Mexico

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The ABC Medical Center or Centro Medico ABC of Mexico City is regarded as the jewel in Mexico’s private healthcare crown. It was founded in 1890 and has continuously served the greater Mexico City community up to now. It is the leading not-for-profit hospital, dedicated to clinical care of the highest order, education and research. ABC Medical Center is considered as the best hospital in Mexico. At present, the ABC operates two general acute care facilities.

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