The Best and Most Intensive Penis Exercises

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This articles covers a description of the best and the most intense penis exercises, how they are done and their benefits

There are a number of best and most intense penis exercises which you could use to increase the size of your penis. It is good that you ensure that you get a good manual to guide you through the exercises. These penis exercises are meant to increase the mass of your penis by increasing the penile tissues. In addition to that, most people who try on the exercises have reported to have better erections as these penis exercises also increase it. If you consistently do these and most intensive penis exercises, you are likely to last long while you are having sex. Good healthy penis just like body muscles require to be exercises frequently.

The Best and Most Intense Penis Exercises

    1. Bundle Stretch

One of such exercises is the bundle stretch. It is one of the best and most intense exercises that will ensure you quickly gain the length you desire. It has been designed to ensure you gain both the girth and length within a pretty short time at the same time. However, you should have done the other penis exercises especially the stretching for at least two months before you decide to do the bundle exercise.

      How To Do Bundle Stretch

To do the bundle exercise you will be basically be expected to rotate your penis until it gets a bundle like shape and then stretch it just as you would have stretched it in the other stretching exercise. Bundle stretch exercise will ensure much tension at the tunica muscles and the suspensory ligaments, thus they will end up being stronger.

       Benefits of Bundle Stretch

As the exercises strain the tunica, it gets deformed and thus it will cause the expansion of your penile shaft. This will help your penis to gain in length and girth. The exercise also increases the raw mass of the tunica tissue in all direction. They are very simple to do as you will hold your penis and wring it just as you would to a cloth. You may make a half rotation and hold it at that position for about 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise for 5 to ten times

      2. Penis Erect Bend

Another exercise you could try out on is the erect bend, it is an intensive exercise too which must be done carefully. Many men have reported injuries as they did the exercise badly. It is one of the best and most intensive penis exercises that will ensure you gain several inches of penis length and increase in girth. In addition to that, it will also increase the strength of your erection. You should not try this exercise unless you have been doing the other penis stretching exercises for at least six months.

        How to do penis erect Bend

To be able to do the erect penis exercises, you will be required to let your penis erect, use one hand to hold it at the base with an ok grip. Gently, using the second hard, bend your penis downwards slowly and hold it there for about 15 seconds. Repeat the process for about five to ten times. If you happen to feel some pain, stop the process. You should then repeat the process while bending it to other directions which will be left, right, and then finally upwards.

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