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The Benefits of Using Lye Soap

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What can you get when you choose to use lye soap? What are the advantages of using lye soap

To this day, there have been many accounts on the usage of lye soap, some of them even on the field of medicine and although for some not scientifically proven, we should take into account that those claims were not just on one account but of thousands. With that in mind, it is easy to see why many people still buy this type of soap as compared to the more commercial soaps we see today.

They say that sometimes less is more. One attraction of lye soap is the simplicity of the additives needed as compared to other commercial soaps that are being made today. Additives that some believe is the cause of skin irritation. For modern lye soaps, the same process is still being used but now they use vegetable oil and a little amount of glycerin is added which soap makers say is one of the main reasons its curative properties.


Lye is also often used as detergents. Compared to bars of commercial processing, it does stack up. It’s cleaning properties are also said to be better than commercial bars of soap due to its strength. It easily removes stains from clothing and is also good for bathing or hand washing. The manufacturing of lye soaps are relative to the maker though so some might find it a little strong for their taste. Sill, a lot choose lye soap over commercially made soaps or detergents.


In terms of medicine, there have been claims of how many kinds of curing elements the lye soap has. From curing dandruff, insect bites, itchy skin, psoriasis and even poison ivy. With these many medicinal problems that Lye can treat, this has become very popular not only as its original application, soap.

Other Claims

There have also been claims that Lye soap can be used as very good insect repellant. Even if the flakes of the soap were on your body or fabric, it is said to shoo away mosquitoes as declared by campers and hunters. If in camping and suddenly not noticing that ants were around, lye soap was used by placing or grating them surrounding the camper’s tents so as to protecting them from the bites of these ants. Of course, these are just claims and not supported by science but there would be no harm in trying them.


Posted on Jul 2, 2011
Dilrukshi Jagoda
Posted on Mar 1, 2011

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