The Beatles: Instrumental Tracks

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The Beatles have released numerous of tracks meant to be sung with. There are however, a few number of tracks which are purely instrumental, meaning that vocals aren't meant to be played with the track. These are mostly experimental tracks and the Beatles

The Beatles as an accomplished band showed their prowess in playing songs, they have also ventured in playing instrumentals. This style of “songs” or instrumentals was also done by the Ventures, a guitar band like the Beatles. The difference between the two bands is that the Ventures play pure instrumentals while the Beatles play lyrical songs.

The Beatles are already progressed musicians even on their early years in the music ability, they have already mastered their instruments, it’s not often you see the conventional instruments like the guitar playing instrumentals, moreover it’s not common to see a pop band like the Beatles play instrumentals. Some of the tracks the Beatles released start somewhat like an instrumental; you would believe that the track is purely instrumental until the Beatles start to sing.

If you have your hands on the Beatles Anthology Album you could see that some of the tracks are instrumental. Most of the tracks also start with a long instrumental introduction.


Cayenne is one of the earliest instrumental tracks the Beatles tried to record. Cayenne can be found in the first Beatles Anthology album. Since the Beatles were not widely known during that time there was no proper recording of this instrumental track.

Cry for a Shadow

This is one of the earliest Beatle tracks, even Pete Best played on this track. The style of the instrumental track is similar to the Ventures. It’s a rock and roll blues influenced Beatle instrumental track. You can hear some of the Beatles scream in this track.  Cry for a Shadow is available in the Beatles Anthology Album

12 Bar Original

12 Bar Original is a simple Beatles Blues track, many people believe that Blues is better felt when played as instrumental.  The Beatles first attempted to release this instrumental track but later scrapped the idea. George Martin also participated in this track with the harmonium, although this can only be seen in a longer version of the instrumental track. 12 Bar Original can be found on the Beatles Anthology Album.

Yellow Submarine

If you have your hands on this Beatle album, you can see that majority of the tracks in this album are actually instrumentals. These tracks are actually the score for the movie of the same name, George Martin was responsible for composing and arranging these tracks, the Beatles didn’t actually participate in the recording of these tracks.


Flying is an instrumental track that can be found in the Magical Mystery Tour Album. This Beatle track starts purely instrumental until the bit where the Beatles starts to sing notes without lyrics. Ringo Starr’s voice is more prominent in the singing part like in Golden Slumbers.


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