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The Art of Nude Yoga: Its Philosophies and Mental Disciplines

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The practise of Naked Yoga can greatly enhance the mental disciplines this art form of meditation is total commitment

Statue of Lord Shiva in Bangalore, India, performing yogic meditation in the Padmasana posture.

Yoga which originated in India is a system of philosophy and mental disciplines and for over five-thousand-years people from all over the world have practiced some form of Yoga it is now accepted as validated system of alternative health care, believed to offer inner peace, improved body awareness, strength, suppleness, and other health benefits.

Major branches of yoga include

  1. Raja Yoga also known as Classical Yoga this is for finding reality and to achieve liberation
  2. Karma Yoga is the science of achieving perfection in action
  3. Jnana Yoga the path of knowledge
  4. Bhakti Yoga the spiritual practice of fostering loving devotion
  5. Hatha Yoga physical purification

A western style Hatha Yoga class. Some 16.5 million people in the U.S. alone practice this form of yoga.

Tantrism is a practice that tries to alter the relation of its practitioners to the ordinary social, religious, and logical reality in which they live. Through Tantric preparation, an individual perceives reality as maya, illusion, and the individual achieves liberation from it. Both Tantra & Yoga can benefit academics to achieve the awareness that they seek

Statue of the Tantric goddess Kali

The American author and ayurvedic doctor Robert Svoboda once said

Because every embodied individual is composed of a body, a mind and a spirit, the ancient Rishis of India who developed the Science of Life organized their wisdom into three bodies of knowledge: Ayurveda, which deals mainly with the physical body; Yoga, which deals mainly with spirit; and Tantra, which is mainly concerned with the mind.

The aspiration of Yoga is to attain balance between mind and body, culminating in a coming together of body, mind, and spirit, Yoga involves a vast number of types, methods, movements, and poses. Each has its own unique features and benefits. One form of Yoga that has received comments and criticisms is Naked Yoga Nude Yoga or Nudist Yoga.

Kevala Jñ?na of Mahavira in "mulabandhasana" posture

There is clothing designed for practicing Yoga by allowing a free movement of the body but many of the proponents of Nude Yoga say that to have the perfect freedom of movement the body needs to be totally free from any form of clothing

Yogis who practice Naked Yoga should either do it alone or with likeminded Yogis there should never be any form of sexual indulgences or thoughts, as the very principle that Yoga should bring could in no way be linked with such practices, people who are voyeurs, or enjoy observing the naked form should never be involved or allow to be involved in this form of Yoga.

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