The American Pit Bull / Stafford Shire Terrier: America's Favorite Family Dog

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Although many will tell you that the Golden Retriever or Labrador are the most popular breed, statistics show that 75% or more of American homes have an American Pit Bull Terrier, or mix type breed! Who's more popular?

             America's favorite breed of dog has long since been the American Pit Bull or Stafford shire Terrier!

Since the days of the original little rascals, all the way to the newer little rascals and on to Homeward bound.

These Terriers have been totalled to be in 1 out of every 5 homes. That's right! Count them, if you have one of these lovable buddies in your home, you most likely don't have to look far for a friend. If you don't own an APT, you could probably count five houses away in any direction and find some.

APT's have been known for their loyalty all the way back to the days of the roman empire and beyond. Their tenacity to please their owners and protect their loved ones, has earned them plenty of pages in histories great textbooks. Have you heard of Stubby? 

He was a civil war hero who got tons of awards for saving his military troop from toxic gas before they even knew it was coming, and then later on manage to take an enemy captive and hold him until troops could make it to relieve him. What an amazing dog!

APT's are cherished as great family dogs, and have been since the pioneering days when immigrants and pioneers took them to build and protect their new homesteads. APT's are playful, patient, and they have very stretchy skin. They are very tolerant of young children, and love to wear out older children with endless games of fetch, tug of war or hide and seek!   

APT's are loved for their loyalty and goofball nature. They are always up for the next adventure, and will find one if you don't provide it for them!

They are also loved because they are a very smart and loving breed and have been known for many acts of kindness, such as this gal who took over taking care of three orphaned kittens! What a dog!  APT's have very gentle natures, and although their natural terrier nature makes them want to chase things, they can easily be trained to get along with any other house hold companions! 

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  APT's are so very talented and smart, and are known for their creative natures. Some are goofy and energetic till their bones can't handle it anymore, while others would rather just cuddle up and watch a movie with you on the couch.

Every APT is lovable and ready to fill the void in your life that has been missing.

Take note! They will want a spot on your bed, and a permanent place in your heart! So make sure you have those to give!

Make sure to do plenty of research to make sure you have the right home for an APT! The bigger the family, the better! More play time!