The American Bulldog Has Some Common Health Problems

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American Bulldogs make great pets. They are good for families as they love children. The have some health problems that are common to the bulldogs. Hip dysphasia is common in some bulldog blood lines. They also get an eye prolem where the eye lashes t

American Bulldogs will live a long and happy life if they receive a proper diet, vaccinations, exercise and grooming.  The biggest problem the American Bulldog has is getting the proper diet.   The American Bulldog can get obese very easily so you need to be careful what you feed them and how much.

American Bulldogs will have problems with food.  They love certain foods that are not good for them and will cause digestive problems.       You must vaccinate your dog against distemper, rabies and parvovirus.  If your dog catches anyone of these diseases he can die.

The most prevalent diseases bulldogs get are Orthopedic and eye problems.  Hip dysphasia and elbow dysphasia are both huge problems with the American Bull

dog.  Hip dysphasia is when the femur does not fit just right in the hip socket.  This will cause the dog great pain.  Hip dysphasia can be treated with surgery but this is not always a success.  The dogs with hip dysphasia are given pain medication to help them cope with the pain.  Hip dysphasia will run in some dog families and therefore it is said to be a genetic disease.

Elbow dysphasia is when the elbow joint does not develop properly.  This disease will also cause your dog a lot of pain.  This problem occurs in American Bulldogs and causes pain, lameness and arthritis can develop.  No one knows why dogs get elbow dysphasia for sure.  It is believed by some to be a genetic problem.

American Bulldogs are prone to getting an eye problem called entropion.  This is when the eyelid rolls inward toward the eye.  The lower eye lashes will rub against the eye and will cause irritation to the eye and can be painful for the dog.  The only available treatment at this time is for this problem is corrected by surgery.

American Bulldogs are prone to mast cell tumors.  Mast cell tumors are small but they can be a serious problem.  Usually surgery will be performed to remove the tumors.

American Bulldogs also develop a health problem called bloat.  This problem can develop in all breeds but is more common in some breeds than others.  Bloating is caused when air fills your dog’s stomach.  This is a very serious problem in any dog and if your dog shows any signs of bloat take him to the veterinarian. If the problem does not get immediate treatment your dog could die a horrible and painful death.

To keep your American Bulldog health and happy feed him a proper diet, vaccinate him on a regular basis and see to it that he gets plenty of exercise.