The 5 Weird Foods in Karachi, Pakistan to Try Out

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This article lists the weirdest food found in Karachi, Pakistan.

The city of Karachi in Pakistan is a great place to go if you want to head to the beautiful beaches along its shores, go shopping on its busy streets or take a historical tour in its museums and architectural buildings. However, Karachi is not only famous for these tourist destinations because it is also famous for its native dishes and weird food. In fact, Port Grand which is declared as Asia’s biggest food street is located in this city.

If you are willing to go on an exciting food trip, here are the top five delicious but weird foods in Karachi, Pakistan that you should try:

1. Golgappas – also known as pani puri, are popular crunchy street food found in Karachi, Pakistan. Round and thin dough are first deep fried in oil until these turn golden brown and later on filled with either mashed potatoes or chick peas. These are usually flavored with tamarind, black pepper, cumin and red chili.

2. Pankoras – small and delicious vegetable fritters served with sweet ketchup dip. These are made from vegetables dipped with thick batter made from chickpea flour and flavored with coriander, red chili and salt. You can choose from different vegetable variations such as cabbages, eggplants, okras, spinaches, potatoes and even onions.

3. Maghaz –also called as Brain Mansala, is a Pakistani savory dish with cow or sheep brains as its main ingredient. The brains are boiled first before these are stir fried with onions, coriander seeds, green chilies, turmeric and ginger-garlic paste. These are best served with parathas.

4. Kat-a-kat – is a savory dish with lamb heart, kidneys, brain and testicles as its main ingredients. The main ingredients are boiled first for a few minutes before these are fried with coriander, onions, ginger paste, turmeric, fenugreek leaves, chili powder, cumin seeds and cinnamon. It is named as such to mimic the sound of the metal blades when the chef cuts the meat on a hot metal pan.

5. Ram Testicles Kebab – as the name indicates, it is kebab made out of ram testicles. The ram testicles are pierced first on skewers before these are grilled over hot burning charcoal. This dish might sound too exotic but it is not only served on the streets but also in sophisticated restaurants in Karachi, Pakistan.

So the next time you drop by in Pakistan; don’t forget to try one of these weird foods in Karachi and taste the uniqueness of the city.


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