The 3D Movies Of The 1970's

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3D was not a big money making business in the 1970’s. In fact, most of the 3D movies made in this decade were limited to soft core porn. It was used as a gimmick to get people to come and see some of these low budget flicks. Here are some of the 3D

Prison Girls (1972)

Several girls are given a weekend furlough from prison and end up in all kinds of seedy situations. The movie has all the typical elements of 70’s drive-in soft core porn. It was billed as the first 3-D adult movie.

Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein (1973)

Dr. Frankenstein lives in Serbia and tries to make a super male to go along with the super female he has created. This one avoids romance and goes straight for the blood and guts. It is one of the few movies that was actually released on VHS in 3D. This Italian shocker is a gruesome as any you will see, and was originally rated X.

The Playmates (1974)

A sex researcher creates a documentary about swingers but can’t find love in her own life. The tag line said it was filmed in “Deep Vision” 3D. The movie is another of the forgettable 1970’s soft core movies except for the fact that it was the first full length Eastman Kodak color movie.

A Man With A Maid (1975)

A wealthy Victorian man buys an asylum and turns it into his own love shack. What he does not know is that Jack The Ripper is still living inside. The original title of this Swedish film was Champagnegaloop. The movie is currently only available in Europe on DVD but not in 3D.

Surfer Girls (1976)

Two girls go to the beach and try to hook up with surfers. The title is a little misleading since it is the guys that actually do the surfing. The director goes under the name of Boots McCoy.

Ape (1976)

Ape was about a giant ape that escapes from a ship just off the coast of Korea. The makers thought that they would cash in off the remake of King Kong but that turned out to be a disaster.

The Starlets (1977)

This 1977 film was another of the hundreds of soft core movies made in the 70’s. The movie was released to theaters in 3D but was released on home video in 2D.

Disco Dolls In Hot Skin (1977)

A movie with a name like this pretty much describes what the plot will be. This movie was released under 4 different titles including Blonde Emmanuelle. The censored version runs 71 minutes but the uncut version is listed at 80 minutes. Although filmed in 1977, it was not widely released until 1984.

The Magnificent Bodyguards (1978)

The Magnificent Bodyguards is a martial arts film starring Jackie Chan. It was the first film in Hong Kong to be created in 3D. The movie was released in 2002 on DVD, but only in 2D. Jackie Chan has never spoken highly of this movie.

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