The 3D Movies Of The 1960's

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When you think of 3D movies, you normally think of the 1950’s or the 1980’s when the 3D craze was big for a few years. Even though the popularity of 3D movies had faded by the 1960’s, there were a few movies released in this medium. M

There were very few 3D movies released in the 1960’s but here are the ones that stood out from the rest.

September Storm (1960)

September Storm is about 4 people who take off on a boat and looked for sunken gold. The movie has received negative reviews but the movie’s claim to fame is that it is one of the few films created in stereo-vision. This was the process that combined 3D with widescreen.

The Mask (1961)

The Mask is a horror movie about a man who believes that a mask is giving him nightmares and causing him to commit murders. It was the first horror movie to come from Canada and the only 3D movie to be produced in that country. Although dated, the movie has a few scary scenes.

The Bellboy and The Playgirls (1962)

This movie has been described as softcore porn and since it was made in 1962, it was quite a shocker for the time period. A bellboy decides he wants to be a private detective and spies on women in the hotel. He discovers that they are lingerie representatives and seem not to mind taking their clothes off. Surprisingly, it was the first film directed by Francis Ford Coppola who decided to jump into the 3D craze right off the bat.

The Bubble (1966)

The bubble is a 3D science fiction movie about a couple in a small plane that makes an unscheduled landing in a small town only to find the townsfolk in a suspended state. They try to leave the town but find that a force field is surrounding the town. Although it is not a bad movie, it plays like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror (1968)

A man is taken over by a curse and tries to get help from a doctor and his wife. They both turn out to be vampires and fight the man as he turns into a werewolf. The movie is a hokey as it sounds and was directed by Paul Naschy who directed several over-top-gore fests from this period.

The Stewardesses (1969)

This exploitation movie about stewardesses, who take their clothes off for just about any reason, is pretty bad but it is aimed at a certain audience. It was originally released as an “X” rated film but seems pretty tame as the years go by. The movie was shot on the fly with no finished script. It was filmed with a budget of 100K and grossed over $25 million making it one of the most profitable 3D movies of all time.

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