The 10 Most Famous TV Game Show Urban Legends

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These are the 10 most famous urban legends on TV game shows.

Game shows have been popular on television for many years. There have been some dramatic moments in game shows that will be shared with many generations to come. Here are some of the greatest urban legends in the game show industry. Some of the stories are true and some and just hoaxes.

If You Switch The Doors On Let’s Make A Deal Then You Will Win

Believe it or not, this is actually true. On The show “Let’s Make A Deal”, contestants are sometimes asked to choose between 3 doors. Only 1 door contains the good prize. After Monte Hall opens one of the doors that contain a bad prize, the contestant is then asked whether to keep the door or trade it for the other remaining opened door. It is said that if you change doors then you have a better chance of winning the good prize. The theory has been tested hundreds of times in lab tests and even on the show “Myth busters”. The result of test is that if you change doors, you will have a significantly better chance of winning the good prize.

Woman Solves Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle With One Letter

On an episode of Wheel Of Fortune, a 7 word puzzle comes up and a man wrongly guesses an “R”. The next contestant guesses an “L” and then immediately solves the puzzle. The puzzle was "I’ve Got A Good Feeling About This”. 26-year-old Caitlin Burke from New Jersey amazingly solved this puzzle with only 1 letter. She said the title just came to her. She asked to solve the puzzle after only 1 letter because it was a prize puzzle and she won a trip to the Caribbean.


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