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The 10 Most Famous Disney Urban Legends

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The Walt Disney company has had many urban legends and myths spread around by many people throughout the years. Some of the controveries are true and some of them are false.

No other company has been the center of urban legends like the Disney company. They have had to withstand many controversies that have been circulated about the theme parks, movies, and even Walt Disney himself. Here are 10 of the most famous urban legends and myths about Disney.

Walt Disney’s Body Was Frozen After His Death

It is unknown who started this rumor, but it is definitely false. This urban legend may have gathered traction as a result of Disney’s visionary direction of his theme parks and empire. There has been no evidence that Walt Disney even knew about Cryogenics and it has been confirmed that Disney’s body was cremated 2 days after his death in 1966.

The Ghost Of A Dead Boy Is In The Movie 3 Men And A Baby

3 Men And A Baby is a comedy about 3 bachelors that are abruptly thrust into taking care of a baby. The movie was the highest grossing movie of 1987. At about one hour into the movie, there is a scene inside a house where you can see a human figure behind the window curtains. A story started circulating that the figure was the ghost of a boy who killed himself with a shotgun in the house where the movie was being filmed. The “ghost” actually turned out to be a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson that was used in another part of the movie.

African Americans Can Receive 5000 Free Shares Of Disney Stock As Restitution For Song Of The South

Song Of The South was released in 1946 and is based on a series of folk tales. The movie was a financial success upon its theatrical release, but it has never been released in its entirety in the U.S. because of the claims that the movie is racist. Critics have accused Disney of glorifying slavery. A rumor was circulated that African Americans can receive 5000 free shares of Disney stock as restitution for the release of Song Of The South. This rumor had absolutely no basis in fact and no such offer was ever announced by Disney.

Several Patrons Have Been Killed At Disneyland

This story is absolutely true. Nine visitors have been killed at Disneyland since the park opened. The first seven people were killed as results of them purposely ignoring safety restrictions or unfastening safety harnesses. The last two people were unfortunate victims of mechanical failures.

A Guest Was Decapitated On Space Mountain

This is one of the most circulated urban legends that involve the Disney theme parks. It was reported that a passenger was decapitated on Space Mountain while trying to stand up. This urban legend is false. The truth is that a test dummy lost its head during testing. Disney engineers placed the dummy standing up on the ride to see how much clearance the ride had at certain locations.

Cinderella’s Castle Can Be Dismantled For A Hurricane

This is a bizarre rumor, but since Disney World is located in Florida, it would seem logical that there could be some truth to the story. Unfortunately, this urban legend is false. Cinderella’s Castle was not constructed in a manner that it can be dismantled easily. The castle has never been disassembled for any reason and would have to stand up to any impending hurricane.

The Phone Number For Michael Eisner Was Inserted In Who Framed Roger Rabbit

There is a scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit where Bob Hoskins goes into the men’s room. On the wall in the background, there is a phone number on the wall. The phone number turned out to be the home phone number for Disney CEO Michael Eisner. The number was legible in the laserdisc version if you freeze framed the movie at the right moment. The frames have been removed in the more recent versions.

Harlan Ellison Was Fired For Making an Animated Porn Movie

This urban legend is only partially true. Harlan Ellison, who was a writer for Disney Studios, jokingly suggested in the studio commissary that they should make an animated porn movie using Disney characters. Studio heads over head his conversation and he was fired before the day was over.

Disneyland Used to Deny Men With Long Hair From Entering the Park

This urban legend is actually true. Disneyland had a policy that men with long hair were not allowed into the park. Up until the late 1960’s, any man with long hair would be stopped at the front gate and refused admittance into the park.

Walt Disney Was An Illegitimate Child

A story has been circulated that Walt Disney was born out of wedlock to a woman in southern Spain and given up for adoption. This urban legend was founded on the basis that an official birth certificate for Walt Disney does not exist. Walt Disney was born in Cook County, Illinois on December 5, 1901. The reason that there is no official birth certificate is that one was not required during this time period. There is a certificate from 1901 stating the birth of Walt Disney and plenty of other documents that verify Walt’s age and school attendance. There has been no evidence uncovered that he was born out of wedlock in Spain.



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