The 10 Last People Executed at the Tower of London

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Detail about the last 10 people who were executed in the tower of London.

This is a list that has information about the last 10 people who were executed at the tower of London, with the details about the name of the victim to be executed, the circumstances and date.

1. Josef Jakobs - 15th August 1941

A German Spy, that parachuted into England posing as James Rymer, a British civilan, but was captured by the Home Guard. Josef Jakob was tied and shot at the Tower of London at 7.15 a.m. on 15th August 1941 - seated in a chair, as he had broken his ankle. He was the only World War 2 spy and the last person to be executed at the Tower of London.

2. Ludovico Hurwitz-y-Zender - 11th April 1916

Ludovico was a spy of Peruvian descent charged with spending information to Germany about British troop movements.

3. Albert Meyer - 2nd December 1915

Meyer was a German spy who posed as a commercial traveller thus was executed at the Tower of London on 2 December 1915.

4. Irving Guy Ries - 27th October 1915

Irving Guy Ries, like Albert Meyer, was claimed to be a commercial traveller and hence was sent for execution to the Tower of London.

5. Georg Traugott Breeckow - 26th October 1915

Georg Traugott Breeckow, posing as an American, Reginald Rowland, with a forged passport, he was caught when he was sent a parcel containing secret messages, but addressed in German style - with country and town name preceding that of the street.

6. Fernando Buschman - 19th October 1915

Fernando Buschman, who was posing as a Dutch violinist, Buschman spied while offering entertainment at Royal Navy bases. Hence, the British sent him to be executed on the Tower of London.

7. Augusto Alfredo Roggen - 17th September 1915

Roggen was a German who attempted to escape the death penalty by claiming to be Uruguayan, Roggen was found guilty of spying on tests of a new torpedo at such at Loch Lomond, sending information in invisible ink.

8. Ernst Waldemar Melin - 10th September 1915

Melin was a German spy, who was shot after a General Court Martial at the Tower of London.

9. Haicke Petrus Marinus Janssen - 30th July 1915

Janssen was an accomplice of Roos, who used the same methods. They were tied together, with Janssen shot 10 minutes after Roos, at 6.10 a.m.

10. Wilhelm Johannes Roos

Roos was a Dutchman who had posed as a cigar salesman, sending coded messages to the firm in Holland detailing ship movements in British ports. Roos was the third spy of World War 1 to be shot at the Tower of London.

German spy, Carl Hans Lody was the first foreign spy and, since Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat in 1747, the first person to be executed at the Tower when he was shot on 6th November 1914, having been found guilty of relaying British naval secrets. He was followed on 23rd June 1915 by Carl fredrick Muller, a spy who had transmitted messages in cipher and invisible ink.


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Posted on May 28, 2011
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