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Texting: 30 Teen Slangs Parents Should Know of Text Messaging Abbreviations

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30 texting abbreviations teens use. What parents should know about their teenager's text messaging codes.

Are you trying to decode your teen's slang or decipher the text messaging abbreviations you often see? Teens are clever at keeping their private life hidden from their parents and it can be difficult to get information. They are the best at using slang and abbreviations while texting friends in secret code. It's easy for them to get ahead of the game, but they may not realize you can get your hands on some good reference material that can give you a sneak peak into what's inside their "technical" lingo.

Listed below is a list of 30 texting slangs you should be aware that teenagers are using in chat rooms, emails, and in text messaging. Knowing these text abbreviations and slangs will keep you in the loop as to what your teen is doing in his or her life. 

25 Texting Slangs of Teens Parents Should Know

  1. ASL = Age, Sex, Location
  2. ASLP = Age, Sex, Location, Picture
  3. BF = Boyfriend
  4. BOM = Bitch of Mine
  5. BRBB = Be Right Back Bitch
  6. CD9 = Parents Are Around
  7. GF = Girlfriend
  8. GNOC = Get Naked on Cam
  9. G2G = Got to Go
  10. HSWM = Have Sex with Me
  11. IDK = I Don't Know
  12. KMA = Kiss my A**
  13. (L)MIL = (Let's) Meet in Real Life
  14. MOS = Mom Over Shoulder
  15. N/S = No Sh**
  16. NIFOC = Naked In Front of Computer
  17. NMJC = Nothin' Much, Just Chillin'
  18. NMU = Not Much, You?
  19. NOOB = code for saying someone doesn't know much about something
  20. P911 = Parent Emergency
  21. PIR = Parent in Room
  22. POS = Parent Over Shoulder
  23. PRON = Porn
  24. PRW = Parents Are Watching
  25. SR2 = Send to Receive (photos)
  26. STFU = Shut the F*** Up
  27. TDTM = Talk Dirty to Me
  28. Warez - Pirated Software
  29. W/E = Whatever
  30. ZZZ = Sleeping, Bored, Tired

There are hundreds of chat and text slangs that teens and people who engage in texting use. A great source for parents to utilize for decoding text and chat abbreviations is teenchatdecoder.com. On this site, you just enter any code or abbreviation you want to know the meaning of and the site provides the answer.

If you worry about your teen's sexual activities and what secret abbreviations are being sent over the cell phone and through email, check out this list of sexting terms: Sex Text Abbreviations: Sexting Text Acronyms.

Texting and chat slangs used by teens is growing as cell phones and computers remain the largest form of communication in our society. Master the text abbreviations on this list and you will have the slangs down you should know the most about.

Sources: Cnet.com     teenchatdecoder.com


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