Texting: 25 Secret Drug Lingo & Slang Used in Communication

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25 secret lingo and slangs for texting about drugs and other substance.

Are you searching for the real secret lingo and slang terms people are likely to use when they are referring to drugs or any other substance through texting? 25 secret texting lingos are listed on this page as a reference for deciphering mysterious codes that have an important -- or dangerous -- meaning.

Kids especially use secret texting lingos and slang to communicate on the topic so others will not easily know what they are talking about. While they are often ahead of the game in exchanging messages not interpreted by the average person, you have a handy tool in keeping up with their secret codes by obtaining information such as this.

Report Decodes Meaning in Texts Lingos

In a CNN report, it was discovered that "Scored 420. CUL8R" is an invitation to literally "get high" on pot.  420 is the common texting number for pot. It is further recognized that texting a number sign followed by a string of Z's is a way teens create smoking a joint on screen: #ZZZZZZ.

Furthermore, the number "2" followed by the letters "C" or "B" is a way of communicating a form of psychedelic drug.

Below are more lingo and slang terms individuals use when communicating about drugs or substances such as alcohol. There are countless ways to text secret abbreviations and symbols regarding the use various substances. The 25 listed here are the more popular terms with a few not often seen.

25 Drug Lingo Text Slangs:

  1. #-) = Wiped out, partied all night
  2. %*} = Inebriated
  3. %\ = Hangover
  4. Hazel = Heroin
  5. :-d~  = Heavy Smoker
  6. Aries = Heroin
  7. Baseball = Crack Cocaine
  8. Blue Boogers = Snorting Adderall or Ritalin
  9. Blunt = Type of marijuana
  10. Bud = Marijuana
  11. Bong = A pipe to smoke marijuana
  12. E = Ecstacy
  13. Ganja = Marijuana
  14. Kind Bud = Type of marijuana
  15. Lean = A method of combining cough syrup with painkillers and soda
  16. Mary Jane = Marijuana
  17. O = Oxycontin
  18. Pharming = Getting into medicine cabinets to find drugs to get high on
  19. Pot = Marijuana
  20. Pox = Opium
  21. Robo-tripping = Consuming cough syrup to get high
  22. Tweaking = High on amphetamines
  23. Weed = Marijuana
  24. White Lady = Cocaine; heroin
  25. Wings = Cocaine; heroin

For a detailed list of street terms for secret drug lingo and slangs, visit the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). The source will have any and every term out there for slangs used to communicate about drugs. It is a source full of valuable information with contact information.

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