Text Symbols - Texting Images of Animal Symbols for Cell Phones & Email

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Text images and texting symbols for animals. See what fun images you can create on a cell phone or computer keyboard.

Text symbols and images are a popular form of communication in the cell phone and computer world. Are you wanting a guide of fun symbols for texting animals to friends and family?  The options are endless for texting animals on a keyboard. You'd be surprised at how many images you can create with slashes, dashes, numbers, and letters. What are some of your favorite animals?  If you're looking to text some personalized images of your dog, cat, or other cute animal, check out the images here you can create on your cell phone or computer.

Animal texting symbols

(\_/)           Bunny


=^.^=         Cat

 \-o-/          Bat

><>           Fish

<(((">        Shark

 V.v.V        Crab

~:<>          Bird

 __@/       Snail

 ----{,_,">   Mouse

<:3( )~~      Rat

 _/\,             Worm

/(^.^)\           Puppy

:o3              Dog

O.o]            Owl



ε??           Butterfly

:@)          Pig

/\(00)/\     Spider

><:>        Turkey

8:]            Gorilla

These are just a few of the animals you can text to others through email or cell phone texting. Animals are a huge part of our lives and they're fun to create images on a keyboard. There are countless keys you can use to make the animals listed above.  More references below under "sources" will take you to more animal texting symbols and images. Click on them and see the many different ways you can text animals.

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Posted on Oct 20, 2011
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